Cadbury Snow Drops & Chocolate Coins 25p and Milky Bar Polar Bear 50p in Asda

Cadbury Snow Drops & Chocolate Coins 25p and Milky Bar Polar Bear 50p in Asda

Found 17th Dec 2012
Cadbury Snow Drops and chocolate coins are down from £1 to 25p in Asda, and Milky Bar Polar Bears are down from £2 to 50p. Found both in the seasonal Christmas aisle.
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Which store? It could be store specific.
They had these in Asda grangemouth too must be national
They had these in Asda grangemouth too must be national
good stocking fillers... Will be heading to ASDA later as it seems they have a few good deals at the moment
empty shelves in weymouth
Good for stockings
Not nationwide still full price as chesterfield
If they are marked up as full price, ask for them to check the prices at the self serve or customer services. Ours were marked at full price but were scanning at the reduced price.

Heat added.

marked at 25p scanning at full price Perth. label now removed by staff??
just been to asda spondon and all in picture reduced to 25p and 50p and more chocolate reduced .
Beware tho as some were scanning at full price at the tills but got them rectified !

Was like a tramp fight at the soup kitchen in Stafford! Got a selection of things, all scanned at 25p or 50p
lmao tramp fight! wonder what itll be like at the store here then lol, thanks for sharing x
Went to my local in Ashton under Lyne coins scanning at 23p mars selection boxes Disney ones and malteeser ones scanning at 50p loads as they have not marked them down still saying £2
none in slough :-(
thanks op. after reading this post i went to my local and bagged 60 selection boxes for my sons classes at school, 25 for my league kids, and loads of stocking fillers.
i think we saved over £30 in total
worth a drive to asda thnx
asda tilbury has very little left went there bout half hour ago and watched a member of staff grab the remainder of selection boxes then leg it back to what she should of been doing!
None left in asda cumbernauld, popped in around half 1 and the shelfs had been emptied
All Christmas stuff still full price at my local.
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arnold notts asda managers were quickly trying to change them , managed to bag myself a few chocolate coins and wishes,however snow bites were 25p label but scanned at £1- they said they were old stock labels and were now £1, not in the mood to argue woman had a face like a smacked **** lol - thankyou op
Just bought loads in Asda Swansea, they said it was a pricing error and will be rectified overnight
National but for today only apparantly

empty shelves in weymouth

Went to weymouth store this morning, plenty of gold coins but still scanning at £1.

Polar Bears had been moved to till fronts and are 50p, along with the jars of traditional sweets.

Couldn't see the snow bites though.
just come back from asda croydon .... selection packs 50p jars of old fashion sweets 50p stars 12p ginger bread men 50p and loads of stock left .... all still marked at full price scaning at lower price
Polar bears reduced to 50p at asda Crewe. Also few other bits- Box of mini party rings 50p, Cadbury festive tubes 50p, milka Santa 75p.
wnt today our store perrt barr (birmingham ) all scanning @ 25p yesturday i go 2 day full damn price ........
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