Cadbury Wispa Gold 25p? @ Tesco/ASDA

Cadbury Wispa Gold 25p? @ Tesco/ASDA

Found 28th Oct 2011
Showing on as 25p???!!! and it is usually a very reliable source but I have yet to get to a Tesco or ASDA to check it out so if anybody does get hold of any at 25p please confirm to the rest of us!

NOT SHOWING ON or , 59p at Sainsbury's and 2 for 80p at Morrisons

Weirdly "Out of stock" is displayed in black above the pic at
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I love this Chocolate bar.8) voted hot but hasnt done anything oO
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Will Sainsburys Brand Match price match this?

Will Sainsburys Brand Match price match this?

Should do
25p for a wispa?? is the wrapper made out of gold?
Wispa golds are lush !
Wispa Bite was my favourite and it needs to be brought back asap. Golds are very nice too though so have some heat.
68p at the rip-off Co-Op and that's apparently an offer for them!
I shall be getting a few of these tonight!!:D
Nearly wet myself when I saw these on the shelves again, yum yum!
Bought x2 for £1 today from a corner shop... couldn't resist
anyone confirm yet?
damn it, wish I'd seen this earlier, was in asda few hours back so could have checked.

25p for a wispa?? is the wrapper made out of gold?

When was the last time you bought a chocolate bar? That's cheap no matter what kind it is.
HUKD could take this down as all we have to go on is mysupermarket!!! oO
Not had a chance to check the stores yet, but the arrival of a message from Wispa Gold out of the blue today and the product being "relaunched" does add some substance to the mysupermarket price being genuine (given that relaunches are often supported by price promotions).…old
this deal feels a bit stupid being hot when noone has even confirmed this yet
deals have the ability to 'feel'? lol ;-)
Just got back from Tesco Express (Blackpool Central Drive) and no sign of any Wispa Gold's at all. Bought one in the Co-Op for 64p on the way back because I haven't had one for years. Won't be making a habit of it at that price though!
Not at my asda
None in 2 Tesco s I tried either :-(
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