Cadburys Bar 250g @Morrisons 2 for £2 Instore
Cadburys Bar 250g @Morrisons 2 for £2 Instore

Cadburys Bar 250g @Morrisons 2 for £2 Instore

Just went to the local Morrisons,

They have Cadburys Bar 2 for £2 all the varieties
Fruit & Nut
Dark Chocolate

I think the same was available at Woolies some time ago.

Enjoy!! Merry Christmas!!

Each one available @ £1.28 a piece
- amithanda


Original Poster

why its cold ?

at least give a pointer to a better deal ? or justify coldness ?

These are £1.00 each at Somerfield too!

No one has to justify why they vote hot or cold. I don't know why people keep asking. All it does is start a slanging match about the vote and takes away the focus from the deal.

I dont know why this is cold. Got a hottie from me. £2 for 2 is a regular deal from many suppliers but it's still good value when it appears. If you look around you'll probably find someone doing it most of the time; Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Woolies etc.

ordinary post not [COLOR=red]HOT[/COLOR] available even in your local market.. Why waste the space this is hot deals not penny pinchers.
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