Cadburys Creme Egg bar just 13p instore at Boots!

Cadburys Creme Egg bar just 13p instore at Boots!

Found 10th Oct 2007Made hot 10th Oct 2007
Just been into Boots in Altrincham retail park and they had Cadburys Creme Egg bars reduced down from 51p to just 13p! Quite a few on the shelf too! A bargain and very yummy! Not sure if other stores will have them at this price but worth a look. They are in date until 2008 :-)


I also noticed that they had lilt bottles for 25p each!!

Smart :)...i'll have a look in boots tomorrow

They had them in the boots on castle street, liverpool

I love cadburys creme bars and eggs, thanks for this.

Thanks, got to check this one out!!! :thumbsup:


I'll be raiding the place on my lunch if that's the case.


They had loads in Victoria Centre, Nottingham today if anyone's interested.

Thanks OP :thumbsup:

Just paid 25p each for two of these... great find but why is it not a standard price across the UK?! (Belfast - CastleCourt)

sell dairy milk caramel for 13p in boots hamilton today,plus cherry coke 500ml bottles for 24p

I bought about 40 of these today! In addition, I also bought 48 boxes of their peppermint chewing gum (I chew for England - Violet Beauregard has nothing on me! :P) at 13p per box (20 pieces of gum in each - down from 51p)

I expect that these will be appearing on the shelves of Home Bargains soon then?

No bOOts near me......
Maybe itd be worth the trip in my parents car mind you its maybe 10miles max they wont mind, untill they find out!

None of these offers in my local Boots, only 2 bars for 75p offer.
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