Cadbury's Creme Eggs 10p each in Boots!
Cadbury's Creme Eggs 10p each in Boots!

Cadbury's Creme Eggs 10p each in Boots!

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Creme Eggs are reduced to 10p each in Boots - grab some whilst you can (instore only, near the tills).

You can pay for them on your advantage card for a free treat!


Can you confirm this is in every store?

But anyway, they'll be back on the shelves in August ready for next Easter...

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Sorry, should have said. I've seen them in Manchester and Leeds. It's not a 'reduced section' or bargain bin, just a general price tag for 10p and they scan as 10p. Worth looking for if you go in, I'd say.

wow, the belt feels tight just thinking of this bargain! ;-)

... must .... resist .... !!!

i work in boots and didnt even know this

mmm creme eggs, only had 3 this year. Thats going to change!

:w00t: I've been buying them from WHSmith recently a 20p, so If my boots store has some 10p creme eggs then I'll buy 4 of em with my advantage card.



What? What?! :giggle: :whistling:

Be lucky to get em home today without melting!

Actually saying that, what am I doing inside on a day like this?

Also, my local co-op in Leeds has them at 10p :thumbsup:

Yeah a co-op near me has them reduced to 10p (in date). Shove 'em in your fridge!

Just as Ive finished all of mine they go and reduce them 2 months later, do they want me to get fat? :-(

Wont the middles have started to crystallise on these?


This has to be voted the hottest deal ever. Come on...

Don't forget the dentist bill :whistling: :w00t:

cc eggs are just a small piece of heave, praise be ;-)

I wonder if they'll restrict the number you can buy? If it was a success.

4 Free Creme Eggs (Boots 40 ACard points)
BOGOFF Pepsi MAX 79p (Wilkinsons)
Free Newspapers (WHSmith Clubcard £2 clubcard points when ya spend a 5er)

My Wednesday's gonna be good! :giggle:

hallelujah! thy saviour has cometh!

Mmmm! t... t.. tasty! :w00t:

just been to my local somerfield and they have theres for 9p each .

It turns out my boots is trying to sell them for a rip-off price of 42p... :x Now thats what I call a major rip-off eh?


just been to my local somerfield and they have theres for 9p each .


Just been to somerfield, bought a 4 in a box for 34p. That's 8.5p each. :thumbsup:

They also had 8 in a box for 54p but they were out of stock. :-(

A bit off topic but last weekend I noticed Asda were selling 5 packs of Peperami's for £1. They usually retail at £2.

Bought 4 packs!

Why are they all so cheap?

Went into my local boots store, normally price of 4 for £1?

Thing woolworths was the same!

The only trouble with creme eggs that are still for sale now is that most of them will all be sticky and partly out of their wrappers
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