Cadbury's creme eggs 12 pack at Tesco - £1.97 instore

Cadbury's creme eggs 12 pack at Tesco - £1.97 instore

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LocalFound 3rd Apr
O.M.G I have stocked up on my fix for the year.

Looked like all Easter stock was 50% off.

I'm guessing it's national but this was in Watford Extra. Lots of stock available as you walk in the store and in seasonal aisle.
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No stock in pool just been in there but they had cadbury caramel x 5 for 82p
Plenty of stock in Tesco Extra - Reading West including:

MaltEaster Easter Mix 270g for £1.75:
6 x Mini Bunny (11.6g)
6 x Bunny (29g)
3 x Malteaser funsize (19.5g)

Mini Eggs (328g) - £1.50

& a number of primarily Cadbury/Thornton eggs @ 1/2 price
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Can't see the logic of making them smaller, changing to cheap chocolate instead of Dairy Milk, then flogging them half price because they can't sell them. (Cold not added. Nice spot anyway.)
Still miss the old recipe before they ditched the dairy milk
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The actual inside of the egg is NOTHING like on the packaging. I could find barely any of the yellow bit. The little bit I did actually find was buried right at the bottom!
Not one Creme egg in Tesco Redditch this morning
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brychris6 m ago

Not one Creme egg in Tesco Redditch this morning

Unlucky, i have a feeling Tesco didn't reduce yesterday as i went to Asda and all Easter chocolate was sold out (bar one creme egg I got for 25p I found ditched in the baby aisle!) But Tesco Watford brought it all to the front of the store so no doubt it'll be gone by close of business today like most other places
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