Cadburys Creme Eggs 61pence for six @ Co-op
Cadburys Creme Eggs 61pence for six @ Co-op

Cadburys Creme Eggs 61pence for six @ Co-op

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went into my local store(knutsford)and the had these on offer for 61p for six they wernt advetised i just thought id ask and hey presto

so i got 24 eggs lol

cheers Oldie


This beats Asda but only marginally - 75p for 6 there (or alternatively £1.50 for 12.. hmm)

Heat added.

anyone checked this or are people just voting hot anyway

24? You minx!

Sell by date coming up?

Store specific or has anyone else seen these?

Nationwide I think.

Sell by date on the ones round here are July 2009...so get eating :-D

Hopefully I can get some

I can verify this ( I work for the co-op)

Singles are down to 11p too

Mini Eggs 100g bag are down to 24p

oh oh!

Time to visit coop

I went in my local Co-op last night and they'd sold out of the mini eggs.

Original Poster


yeah i got 24 because im off to see my girlfriend in new zealand and she lurrrrrvees em:-D

she says that over there they are all snapped up on easter saturday and never seen again:?


bargain i say !! how do you eat yours?? haha i love that saying

If you don't want to buy in bulk, Tescos are selling these at 11p each. I can verify this price for the Liverpool One superstore, as I was in there about an hour ago.

Heat to you OP

None in my local

I'll check tesco

My local Co-Op has them priced at £2.44 - but when I asked for a price check on them, they came up at £1.22.

Note to those who are bothered: Cadbury's Caramel eggs are also 11p each at Tesco. I have a receipt nearby if people are sad enough to want proof :lol:

Reiteration: this is at Liverpool One, and the POS was not hand written and the staff did not have a special code for them. Hundreds and hundreds left yesterday. Had bags of mini creme eggs for dirt cheap too.

None at the one in culverhouse cross
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