Cadburys Dairy Milk Tiffin 95g 29p @ Farmfoods

Cadburys Dairy Milk Tiffin 95g 29p @ Farmfoods

Found 3rd May 2017
Haven't personally tried this but comments from previous posts seem pretty complimentary. its Dairy milk with biscuit and dried grapes.
Quite short dated (25/05/17). Just means you have to scoff it quicker. plenty of stock in Gorleston on Sea. Should be national, stock dependent.
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Great find, these are an old Cadburys classic, well before my time anyway, I'll certainly pick up a few if they're available at my local, thanks!
Good stuff,,,,,,,,,,
"Dried grapes"?? So raisins??

"Dried grapes"?? So raisins??

​my thoughts exactly. but the marketing geniuses at Cadbury have rebranded them dried grapes...
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Thanks, they are so moreish.
They have brought these back as everyone requested (according to Ads I keep seeing on Facebook!) - they have been available at reduced prices for at least the last year! This price is hot though!
army rations years ago
They had loads in my local today, dated 25th May 2017 but I've eaten chocolate months past it's date and was completely fine. It's certainly a post worthy of some serious Heat as it's nationwide and not just store specific like 90% of the posts we see!
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