Cadbury's Easter Egg with Mug - Creme Egg, Mini Eggs or Dairy Milk. In-store and Online £3 @ Tesco

Cadbury's Easter Egg with Mug - Creme Egg, Mini Eggs or Dairy Milk. In-store and Online £3 @ Tesco

Found 13th Feb 2010Made hot 13th Feb 2010
Hi, Was just in Tesco, and saw these half price as an introductory offer, three kinds available:

Cadbury's Creme Egg - With Cadbury's Creme Egg mug, some Cadbury's Creme Eggs and a Cadbury's Easter egg

Cadbury's Mini Eggs - With Cadbury's Mini Eggs mug, a pack of Cadbury's Mini Eggs and a Cadbury's Easter egg

Cadbury's Dairy Milk - With Cadbury's Dairy Milk mug. 2 bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk and a Cadbury's Easter Egg

These look like the medium sized eggs, the Mini eggs one has 216g on the side and the Dairy milk one has 214g on it, didn't check the Creme Egg one.

Also saw the Nestle versions (Kit Kat, Mint Aero and Toffe Crisp) there for £3.99 each which aren't on offer.

In-store and online (thanks to dontdothatagain)

Cheers for looking

(The image is from google but shows the Creme egg mug given)


It's online too. I spotted a couple of hours ago.

Thanks OP, I like this mug :-D

i'm eating mine now

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Ah right, didn't realise it was online too, I'll change it now thanks and what does OP mean? lol


i'm eating mine now

We ate ours last night

Really good quality mugs too!

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Yeah definitely good quality mugs, got one for Easter last year and still looks new after lots of use

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I've resisted eating mine so far haha

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Ah I see cheers for your help and ok no worries will do in future Thanks again


We ate ours last night :pReally good quality mugs too!


i seen this wanted 2 put it up but couldnt find a picture

Picked up one of each of these this evening for the kids from my local store. Look really good - great deal OP. Just so people know the offer is only on for the next couple of days, ends on the 16th. HOT from me :).

I love Easter eggs, they're all hot:p

I got this one last night- looks quite classy :-p

hmm very nice

Hot - needed a mug for work so bought this instead.

Would probably cost about £1.50 to £2 for a decent mug of similar size and quality.

ASDA Were doing them last year for a quid each got loads, going to sit tight and see if they do a similar offer this year.

i like the mugs too.
I've just purchased 5 of the creame egg ones. Had 2 already. yum yum.
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