Cadburys fingers £0.99 from QD stores 500grams

Cadburys fingers £0.99 from QD stores 500grams

Found 2nd May 2009
We were at a QD store today and came across Keepers Choice chocalate fingers super value 500grams for 99p. They are milk chocolate and white chocolate. It says selection contains chocolate covered biscuits, miscuit misshapes and part biscuits.

It doesnt state Cadburys but they blatently are because my girlfriend knows chocolate and to be fair so do I.

Grab a bargain cause they taste just like Dairy Milk chocolate fingers and i think they are factory rejects.



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not if they are actually dairy milk. how is it misleading if they are infact dairy milk?

what is misleading is your title states they are cadburys fingers when they clearly are keepers choice chocolate fingers

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but thats what they are! they are factory rejects. how do you think they get rid of those? they wont sell them broken under their name would they.

Yeah this is right.. I can confirm they are cadburys fingers but just being sold as mis shapes passed on to another company.
I work at QD and have also tried these they are such a bargain!!

thank you for your kind comments, I am the factory manager at Keepers choice and can confirm that the fingers are indeed cadbury's rejects, not that you would notice that they are rejects at all with at least 90% of them being in perfect condition, please try our new range of jaffa cakes, £1.00 for 600 grams and our mixed broken chocolate at £1.00 for 600 grams which if you are lucky would contain a really nice selection of Belgian like biscuits which we have just sourced and started adding to the broken chocolate range, if you find yourself passing by the factory call in and ask for Mike, I will be only to happy to show you around...

Mike Porter, Factory manager Keepers Choice Biscuits

Jaffa Cakes are amazing from keepers choice, £1.00 for a huge bag and all the biscuits are near perfect!

I bought some of the keepers choice jaffa cakes and in the bag was a chunk of fluff or hair or something disguisting.. never buying again!! made me feel sick just seeing it

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i love how my old post is still getting comments lol
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