Cadburys Giant Chocolate Buttons 2 for £3 @ Sainsburys

Cadburys Giant Chocolate Buttons 2 for £3 @ Sainsburys

Found 11th Aug 2010
Saw these in store today at Hempsted Valley, 2 pouches of Cadbury giant chocolate buttons 175g each, 2 for £3, usual price £1.68


Shouldn't the title say 2 for £3

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its my first post lol

Think id rather have 3 pouches of Galaxy Counters for £3 in Sainsburys than 2 pouches of Buttons for £3

this deal is always on and its pretty crap for the pence per gram. have seen much better. cold.


its my first post lol

Welcome to Hotukdeals, prepare to be spoken to like s##t if they dont like your deal!:D

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^ oh dear...lucky me............ only trying to help


Sorry you've received cold votes and comments here moonshinebabe- I think some of our members need to learn to be a little bit kinder to new members.
Welcome to the site nonetheless, hopefully members will be a little less harsh next time you post
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