Cadbury's Magical Elves 5p Instore @ ASDA

Cadbury's Magical Elves 5p Instore @ ASDA

Found 20th Jan 2009Made hot 20th Jan 2009
Dairy milk chocolate with popping candy in for that extra excitement!

There's a few different Elf Wrappers to collect if you or your children are so inclined....

These were reduced from 20p in my local ASDA, picked up a handful.

Fairly small, but good for a treat.


oh great, these are soooooooooooooooooooooo nice!!!

Had some of these in my crimbo stocking - yummy and only 5p wow

these are lush got some for 4p in T , 2 weeks ago

these are great the girlfriend saw these when we went shopping on our way out we got one off each colour lol think theres about 9 diff ones

they are 5p each at homebargains also


These were 4p at Sainsburys i cleared out the last ten and ate them all at once damn they were niiiice

These were in my asda aswell,I got a few at the weekend!

i wish they really were magical elves

Great price. Not had any, but I think I will be buying some of these. Voted hot.

Wish we had an Asda close 2 us, voted hot

Help your Elves :thumbsup:

Wilkinsons have these for 5p too, got 4 today - Yummy!! Just a heads up in case people don't have a Asda near them. Heat added :-)

I got 60 at 4p at Sainsburys, it was the best 2 and a half pounds i have ever spent!

ive got 3 boxes in my garage my hubbie loves these so we stock up for the year
they are ace

got some in home bargains 10 for 50p and yep yummy

Lovely stuff,will be paying a visit to asda later

My local Asda have run out and so have Wilkinsons (cos I got their last 19 bars today), so i'm off to Home Bargains tomorrow morning to grab at least 40 ! Can't argue for £2.

Wish I could add more heat!! :-)
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