Cadburys mini rolls 15 for £2.00!!! at co-op

Cadburys mini rolls 15 for £2.00!!! at co-op

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Hi my local co-op had a deal on cadbury mini rolls. I didnt noticed what they were originally, sorry but they were down to £2.00 for the 10 packets but on the shelf they were all 50% free packets so 15 for £2.00.
Tescos are doing 10 for £2.00 or 12 for £2.30 on offer at the mo so i thought this was good and oh oh oh oh oh soooooooooooooooooo yummy!!

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I've been stocking up on these for a while at my local co-op. Not sure what they were originally either! Hope it continues as they go very quickly in my house. Have some heat anyway for letting others know about it!!!!

think i saw these were £1.50 in morrisons

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