Cadbury’s picnic 4 pack 60p Cadbury’s shop instore

Cadbury’s picnic 4 pack 60p Cadbury’s shop instore

Posted 1st AugLocal
Found in the Cadbury’s shop York designer outlet
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I paid 80p at mine!!! Well done. They were tiny
60p at the one in Clarks Village in Street too
4 very small bars, infant size.
Good price in the current market. About all they're worth nowadays though, with the shrinkage they've snuck in. I like these, but no longer buy on principle.
Didn’t see this in the survey...
4 bar multipack - two bites and that's it. Gone!

It's a shame that they're ruining all these iconic products.

Cabana - a chocolate I haven't eaten in over 30 years. Didn't like it as a kid, wonder how I'd find the taste profile to be like now I've progressed in years.
Texan - nah thanks! Ultra chewy nougat to keep your kids quiet and your dentist in profit.
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