Cadbury's Small Selection Box 30p @ Wilko

Cadbury's Small Selection Box 30p @ Wilko

Found 6th JanMade hot 6th Jan
Cadbury's Small Selection Box found for 30p in my local wilko store and online. All Christmas items are 50% off the marked price.


COLD! Just bought four @ 25p each in Asda X)

good find op, heat added

says no stock online.

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says no stock online.

​Pop down to your local to see if there's any there, Halesowen had 2 big cages full by the tills

Great deal, have some heat!

These have been 30p since Boxing Day. Bought a few, but seems they're not shifting them. Still had loads in Penge if anyone's local.
Mind was told by a member of staff they would all be further reduced shortly.....
P.s heat added...

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Also 25p in pound land. Plenty of stock

4 for a £1 poundland
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