cadburys snow bites 100g 25p @ Asda (instore only).

cadburys snow bites 100g 25p @ Asda (instore only).

Found 18th Dec 2012
Saw these on all the wee side strips in amongst all the boxes of chocolates.. Grabbed a few to put in with kiddies presents...
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Yum, now we are talking!
Weren't these called snowballs last year?
Our kids love these, but haven't seen any of these price reductions in our local Asda, heat added.
Priced and scanned at £1 in Cardiff bay
I got them yesterday at Llansamlet one, Priced up at £1 but scanned at 25p. Also they still hadn't reduced their cadbury stars, but they scanned at 12p too
good price!
these were 2 for £2 in tesco and wilkinsons yesterday
They have 2 identical packs on sale in Corby. Different bar codes. One scans at £1 other at 25p
moved to groceries
I think this was posted yesterday & must be store specific as I went this morning & they were still £1 BOO! they had asdas own version for 25p and some string bags of choc penguins & snowballs also 25p & cadbury wishes for 12p
was priced (in pic) @ 25p... The 12p wishes were also priced like this.. Think someone else might have posted this... And there was loads of them too (which I'm currently scoffing)
Good price, nothing at all reduced in my local asda
Mine was all reduced yesterday, but full price again today.
Good stocking filler

Weren't these called snowballs last year?

Remember picking up a few bags after Xmas at Tesco Express last year for this price.
Very tasty.
Heat added.
Stocking fillers!!
Oh yeah! Yum. Thanks OP
i found one on the shelf which scanned at 25p. found more on the tills but they scanned at £1. so it depends on the barcodes
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