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Free family days out with Cadbury Buttons
Posted 12th May 2009Posted 12th May 2009
Free family days out with Cadbury Buttons
Welcome to Buttons Fun on the Farm! Full to the brim with family fun and smiles aplenty, get ready to experience a day out for all to remember for FREE, featuring: Treasure Hunts S… Read more

What a brilliant find.... Top, just book our 4 tickets for Nottingham.... Let's hope it isn't raining!!! Have some heat!!! :)


brill find, shame the dates are while we are away for a location near me!


Thank You Very Much!!!! Heat Added!!


thankyou iv getting tickets for the gateshead one i got a email straight back confirming date and what time the tickets are for (4pm!)


The Clarences Community Farm, Middlesbrough is included in this offer, however it is free entry all year round anyway! :thumbsup:

FREE Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Bar!
Posted 4th May 2009Posted 4th May 2009
FREE Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Bar!
Just enter the competition to win 1000 Creme Eggs and every entry gets a free bar of chocolate!

Sorry, didn't know, please delete, thanks. :oops:


me too - I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! booohooo :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


This is bad, should be avoided like the plague or swine fever!! Cold, big time


I signed up to this a while ago and still no chocolate bar, I felt so depressed that i bought about 20 creme eggs and eat them on the spot now I really want some blueberry muffins......... Thanks though


Has anyone read the terms and conditions? Great way to sign up to get tons of spam email and junk maiil, all for the price of a chocolate bar that "MAY" arrive

Cadburys Dairy Milk Cranberry and Granola 200grm bar 75p in Tesco was £1.25
Posted 12th Mar 2009Posted 12th Mar 2009
Cadburys Dairy Milk Cranberry and Granola 200grm bar 75p in Tesco was £1.25
Mmm, my favourite bar of Cadburys. "It's Cadburys Dairy Milk, it's chunks of Cranberry, it's helpings of Granola It's another moment of joy from glass and a half full productions… Read more
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Apols, I did a search but didn't find it


these were 25p each yesterday :w00t: I bought 4 of them ]see this post


Gosh - thought these were cheap! Are they the same date?


62p for these in my store in Glasgow. Yum!!!


And no chocolate Tax to worry about - Bargain!!!!!!:):roll:

Cadburys Roses and Heroes  * HALF PRICE * at Somerfield - Only £1.89
Posted 17th Dec 2008Posted 17th Dec 2008
Cadburys Roses and Heroes * HALF PRICE * at Somerfield - Only £1.89
Cadburys Roses + Heroes Box of Chocs only £1.89 Runs from 17th Dec till 30th Only second time posting so hoping am doing it correct :)

Nice deal! Heat Added


This deals on till the 30th Dec so they Will get more :thumbsup: You`ll just have 2 have another trip into store soon lol. :santa:


Bought a box of these from my local shop and the white chocolate ones were gone and bourneville chocolate was there instead :(


thanks going to iceland the weekend :thumbsup:


as a somerfield worker myself i can confirm this deal is nation wide and can also say that terrys chocolate oranges are also half price at £1.24 each

Heads Up - Free Creme Egg Twisted with Fridays Metro Paper. 31st oct
Posted 29th Oct 2008Posted 29th Oct 2008
Heads Up - Free Creme Egg Twisted with Fridays Metro Paper. 31st oct
Just saw in todays Metro that they are giving away free creme egg twisted bars on Friday 31st. The advert states that the bars will be available from Metro distributers in these pl… Read more
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please don't vote cold on a freebie just cos you don't like the item. In that case, just ignore the deal/freebie


i couldnt find it in the paper either :?


I can't see the voucher. :-( Am I missing something?




Great, I'm off to get one of those tomorrow.

Free chocolate bar
Posted 25th Sep 2008Posted 25th Sep 2008
Free chocolate bar
Was on Oxford Street, next to Oxford Circus and they were giving away a free bar of chocolate. Its a new flavour - cranberry and granola. I hope they are still there for everyone t… Read more
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The pub is in Harlow, he still has 2 suitcases full. Not many people in pubs these days. If I tell you any more, then I'll have to kill you. :thumbsup:

Its disgusting!!It reminds me of the time where my sister forced me to eat dog poo poo when i was 7!!!!!


Voted hot, the pub I went to in Basildon were only giving out fivers! Where have you been drinking?


You're only saying that so I tell you where the pub is. :-D


only London.........

FREE SAMPLE - Bournville Deeply Dark Chocolate
Posted 17th May 2007Posted 17th May 2007
FREE SAMPLE - Bournville Deeply Dark Chocolate
Grab a free sample of cadburys latest bar - Bournville Deeply Dark Chocolate. Hope this helps Bryan Seems to be a problem with some birthdays, just use 2-December-1980 it works … Read more

gone :(


This deal is finished - they have run out!


got mine today as well


Got mine today, thanks.


I received mine two days ago.

Free chocolate
Posted 30th Apr 2007Posted 30th Apr 2007
Free chocolate
Found this on another forum, apparently the issue is you have to check the box at the bottom, otherwise it won't work.

got mine yesterday thanx


ive got mine today ~ nice small piece dark chocolate ~


ordered one for the whole family.... everyones has turned up - except mine so far...... anyway - nice find.... even though it was a small sample compared to that nestle one....


dont seem to work for me says they all gone! dont like dark choc much anyway!


I got mine today... and then there was another one inside today's rental from LoveFilm!!

Win cinema tickets and Cadbury Roses / Win a box of Flake Moments
Posted 10th Feb 2007Posted 10th Feb 2007
Win cinema tickets and Cadbury Roses / Win a box of Flake Moments
By registering with the site, you can enter competitions for free. simply answer (very) easy questions once registered and thats it!

love chocs, thanks


:) :)


Thanks Cuzzy! :thumbsup: Its esy when you know how! :)


Go to Odds Are forum & click on new topic (top left):-D


Yes OP means original poster Cant help with posting a competition because never done it - sorry Welcome to the site

Free Standard bar from the Cadbury's range
Posted 28th Oct 2006Posted 28th Oct 2006
Free Standard bar from the Cadbury's range
Get a free bar standard bar in the Cadbury's Dairy Milk range. Just print out the voucher and take to your nearest shop. Voucher expires 5/11/06

Free samples in Basingstoke tomorrow ;)


Hi Everyone, Shame there's no spar shop like that near me - lucky you rogdog!! Managed to get a few bars of chocolate with the printed coupon but was crazy the amount of times I had to keep repeating that it wasn't a photocopy, but a printout !!


Send my daughter to the shop..Co-Op to buy one. She was turned away where they laughed at her and apparently called her a cheat?!!


I got an e-mail see previous pages with a link - i saved the voucher as a jpeg and hubby did the rest. It was an exclusive print out voucher - but is accepted in lots of places. I would advise printing it off on a colour printer. PS I can forward you the e-mail I received if it helps to validate your voucher


Got two bars at tescos today, they made a big deal and called over managers, she said that you were supposed to type your name in the voucher before printing it off, how did the orginal one work?