Caddy twiglets, hula hoops £1 @ tescos

Caddy twiglets, hula hoops £1 @ tescos

Found 25th Nov 2008
From wednesday 26/11/2008 tescos will be selling there twiglet caddy and hula hoops for £1, i think it includes the cheeselets, footballs and mini chedders but im not 100% if they do include them but im 100% sure on the twiglets and hula hoops, they sell them for £2.49 normaly. i dont know if its for a week or for the the next 4weeks, but there a good price for a £1 thou


Bother, just bought Twiglets BOGOF at Somerfields. Sister loves them, I'll have to get her some more at this price. Good spot. Thanks

i love twiglets thank you

this offer has been changed to Buy One Get One Free

How do you know about this deal. I have checked online and its still saying £2.49 each. Is it just instore.

Been into store in carmarthen and they are on £2.49 each or 2 for £3.50 - even did a price check on the scanner machines, these are not £1 a pot :-(

£2.49 today so 100% sure you are wrong

i checked today also and they are still 2.49 each.
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