Caddyshack I & II DVD Boxset - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

Caddyshack I & II DVD Boxset - £3 @ ASDA (IN-STORE)

Found 22nd Aug 2010Made hot 22nd Aug 2010
IN-STORE ONLY. Next best is £4.99 at Play/Amazon UK/DVD Source.

Caddyshack: Greenkeeper Carl Spackler is about to start World War III - against a gopher. Pompous Judge Smails plays to win but his nubile niece Lacey Underall wants to score her own way. Playboy Ty Webb shoots perfect golf by becoming the ball. And country club loudmouth Al Czeervik just doubled a $20,000 bet on a 10-foot putt. Insanity? No, Caddyshack! Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray and Ted Knight tee off for a sidesplitting round of fairway foolishness!

Caddyshack 2: The Bushwood Country Club snobs are at it again and this time the slobs are really out to shake 'em up! Jackie Mason arrives as a blue collar millionaire to smack some fresh divots out of sham and pretension in this zany sequel to the comedy favourite....


Great deal.....gopher it!!!!

Very funny and Bill Murray at his mumbling best

Yeah I saw this in an ASDA Living store today, also saw the Bill & Ted films for £4 and £3.
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