Cadfael Complete Collection: Series 1-4: DVD Boxset £9.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

Cadfael Complete Collection: Series 1-4: DVD Boxset £9.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV

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The Cadfael - The Complete Collection - Series 1-4 DVD contains all 13 episodes, over 16 hours, from all four series about the crime-solving monk in 12th Century England.

Man of the world turned man of the cloth - Cadfael (Derek Jacobi) is a rare hero. He is a man who has chosen to live as a monk - yet he's no saint. Once a solider who fought in the Crusades, he has lived - and loved. Even his devotion to the church is not enough to suppress his curiosity to quell his love of mystery.

This release features all the storylines from Series One to Four based on the novels by Ellis Peters.

1. One Corpse Too Many
2. The Sanctuary Sparrow
3. The Leper Of St. Giles
4. Monk's Hood
5. The Virgin In The Ice
6. The Devil's Novice
7. A Morbid Taste For Bones
8. The Rose Rent
9. St Peter's Fair
10. The Raven In The Foregate
11. The Holy Thief
12. The Potter's Field
13. The Pilgrim Of Hate

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Never watched them although I was tempted. Anybody rate the series? Good price.

Hiya, - I have seen 3 or so episodes and they were top quality. jacobi is a great actor and the series is good to. Waiting for my voucher from valued opinions to come thru then will get a copy myself:)

I liked it - it's an interesting take on the private investigator. Didn't realise that I'd seen them all as 4 seasons makes it sound as if there should be 50 episodes instead of 13!

I recall some of the tonsures not looking too convincing though!


My only problem with Cadfael is that whenever I see Derek Jacobi in anything else, I get really confused - surely he can't still be alive...?!
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