Caesar Salad Dressing £0.40 @ Sainsburys
Caesar Salad Dressing £0.40 @ Sainsburys

Caesar Salad Dressing £0.40 @ Sainsburys

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Sainsburys Taste the Difference Caesar Salad Dressing is on offer in store (and on line) with a 25% discount from £1.69 to £1.26 and while thats not a bad offer for a nice ready to use dressing. . . .

They are also in the process of launching Taste the Difference products in new packaging (a slightly different shade of Purple, no less) so are clearing various items including Dressings that have the old colours.

This and a few others were in one section as per the current offer for £1.26 but were also on a higher shelf 2ft away as being marked down to 40p.

Both packages were mixed togather at both prices (in my store at least) and both had dates well into 2011 - needless to say when I purchased the new packaging it beeped at £1.26 but after sending a lad to verify they charged me 40p per bottle.

We also got Olives and Cranberry sauce with similar reductions, all taste the difference range.

Ok not the biggest bargain but something to keep you eye out for over the coming weeks, while they switch packaging.

It should be pointed out that this Caesar Salad Dressing is multiregional and will go well with both your Dvd and BluRay versions of "Rome" or "Spartacus Blood and Sand" and whichever packaging you use the product is the same, a digital mix of 000's and 111's with a little cheese thrown in for flavour.


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More 75% off goodies. . . . .

Picked up a few differing Taste the Difference Balsamic Vinegars tonight , one from £12 down to £3 (4 leaf) the other £6.59 down to £1.65 (3 leaf).

Again the only difference being its the older packaging (stronger shade of purple) but as both are Vintage products you could buy a few to last a while. Quality stuff.

There is no dating on proper Balsamic and will last as long as you have it.

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