Café Rouge-2 Petit Plats and a main course for £10

Café Rouge-2 Petit Plats and a main course for £10

Found 11th May 2011
To be honest with you Cafe Rouge has grown on me and with these deals the food is really rather good value for money.
The kids menu is also good value for money and the puddings and booze aren't bad either
Try it and i am sure you will be happy to get all this for £10
.Choose two dishes from the Petit Plats section and one main course from either the Salades or the Plats Rapides section.

Choose two from this menu:
Rillettes de Porc

Pulled pork pâté with French bread
Rillettes de Canard

Duck & smoked chicken coarse pâté with French bread
Assiette de Porc

Slices of saucisson and cured pork loin with French bread
Tapenade d’Artichaut

Artichoke purée with crisped flatbread
Tapenade de Poivron

Flame-roasted red pepper tapenade with crisped flatbread

Spicy beef & lamb sausage with harissa mayonnaise

Moroccan dip served with crisped flatbread
Fromage Bleu

Blue cheese, walnuts and French bread
Feta et Poivron

Feta cheese and marinated red peppers with French bread

Gold medal winning Petit Lucques green olives
Assortiment de Noix

Mixed salted nuts

And one from these..all for 10 quid!!!

Tartine Marocaine

Open sandwich of sautéed spicy Merguez sausages & caramelised onions with houmous and crisp chicory on grilled sourdough bread served with a minted crème fraîche
Tartine au Maquereau

Open sandwich of pan-fried mackerel fillets, baby plum tomatoes, horseradish mayonnaise and rocket on grilled sourdough bread
Tartine à la Grecque

Open sandwich of warm feta cheese, baby plum tomatoes, grilled courgettes, green beans and Niçoise olives with flame-roasted red pepper tapenade on grilled sourdough bread
Soufflé au Fromage

Twice-baked soufflé with a rich, melting brie centre served with a tossed salad of rocket, baby plum tomatoes, green beans, alfalfa sprouts and lightly toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds dressed in a light vinaigrette
Pâtes Provençales

Crumbled goat’s cheese on pasta tossed with a spicy chilli tomato sauce, wilted baby spinach, caramelised onions and pitted Niçoise olives
Baguette Poulet

Succulent chargrilled chicken breast baguette with Dijon mustard & oregano mayonnaise, French fries and a salad garnish
Baguette Rouge

Chargrilled rib-eye steak baguette with Dijon mustard & oregano mayonnaise, French fries and a salad garnish
Baguette Houmous

Houmous, succulent roasted red peppers, rocket and spring onion baguette with French fries and a salad garnish
Croque Saumon Fume

Classic croque of smoked salmon & melted Gruyère cheese with French fries, horseradish mayonnaise and a salad garnish
Croque Monsieur

Classic croque of ham & melted Gruyère cheese with French fries and a salad garnish
Croque Madame

Croque Monsieur with a fried egg
Cromesquis de Saumon

Salmon fishcakes in a light crumb coating served with a tangy lime & coriander mayonnaise, French fries and a lightly dressed salad garnish

Salade de Courge Rôtie

Roasted butternut squash & red peppers, tossed with grilled courgettes, lightly toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds, with crisped flatbread and a spiced seeded dressing
Salade de Chèvre

Grilled goat’s cheese croutons on a bed of marinated red peppers, black olives and herb salad with a light vinaigrette
Saumon à la Niçoise

Pan-roasted fillet of salmon on a classic Niçoise salad of potato, anchovy, egg and black olive with mixed leaves dressed in a light vinaigrette
Salade César au Poulet Grille

Crisp cos lettuce with crunchy garlic croutons and strips of chargrilled chicken breast topped with fine shavings of Grana Padano cheese served with a creamy Caesar dressing
Salade César

Salade César au Poulet Grille without chicken
Salade Paysanne

Tossed salad of chargrilled chicken breast & bacon, chopped avacado, egg & tomato with soft herbed salad leaves and a tangy lemon & garlic dressing

Plus this cider is lovely

Cidre Breton - Naturally cloudy crisp and fruity cider from Brittany
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It's making me hungry just reading the menu. We like cafe rouge too! Cheers OP!
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