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VIP Coffee Pass from Caffè Nero, free drink voucher
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
I've just been into Nero for the first time since before Christmas. I was redeeming one of my many free fully stamped cards, and got another free coffee voucher when scanning. It d… Read more

Worked for me. I also ‘paid’ with a fully stamped card via the app


I got one today; scanned the Nero app for stamps and paid using O2 Priority code, the VIP Coffee Pass then appeared in my app straightaway. I've also been gone from Caffe Nero for less than a month. I wouldn't have known to look out for it if I hadn't seen this post though and would probably have missed its appearance, so thanks!


Scanned Nero app for stamps but paid with nectar voucher, no VIP coffee pass for me unfortunately


That's when I got it yes. I am not sure if it's a 2019 new year free coffee now, rather it's one you'll randomly get at some point if you use the Nero app.


Is this after you scan the Nero App ?

Free Caffe Dolce at Caffè Nero , check your mails for code
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
Enjoy a sweet treat this weekend, on us . A free Caffè Dolce for your thoughts? Add your unique code xxxxxx via settings of the Caffè Nero App to unlock a voucher. Tell us your … Read more
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Maybe i'm missing something but what is the full code ?? Anyone help ??


Bozo by name..... You can fill in the rest. Literally.


I got all letters.


They are different:)


Anyone confirm if codes the same or different please? Thanks :)

MEGA THREAD Free Food & Drink  ( Caffè Nero, Greggs, Krispy Kreme and KFC)
Found 27th Nov 2018Found 27th Nov 2018
I am going to make a thread to show you all how get some free food and drinks whilst you’re out and about. ————————————————————— Cafe Nero ( Free Hot Drink, Any Size) - caffener… Read more
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PLEASE read what I said, I did not say you didn't.!


I gave all credits to the OPs


It is fine when credit is given. It does irk me when people do this and do not however give credit to the OP


Thank you for posting this! Just signed up to get a free Krispy Kreme, my favourite doughnut type <3


No problem, here you go... Nought. Scatter thee sandwich I cheated on the last word for comic effect. I am stating this so as to not risk offence.

Caffè Nero - Bring your own cup, get 3 stamps!
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
So previously posted here but have noticed with my last few o2 priority cafe nero that I have been received triple stamps when I bring my own cup (and when I haven't, I receive 2… Read more
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I know, the look of horror on my face when I only got 1 stamp! Not even a bonus stamp for taking my own cup! Lol


yesterday i went go nero using my own cup and o2 voucher. i rcvd no stamp fo that. so i ask them and this is their reply : "Last week we changed our policy on redeeming stamps alongside a voucher. If you pay full price for your drink you can still collect your stamps on your paper card, but if you use an O2 code you won't be able to get a stamp on your paper card. This is because we no longer offer a stamp when redeeming a voucher or for reusable cups when redeeming a voucher, as the offers can't be used in conjunction. You can get a discretionary bonus stamp if you scan your app first before your O2 voucher, but this is too encourage the use of the app, rather than getting a stamp for a voucher redeem. If you put both vouchers through on the same transaction, you would still only receive the one discretionary bonus stamp. Thanks Becky


If you read comments on most Caffe Nero threads, People have known and have told each other about the own cup for years. There is a reason why we don't post it as a deal, it's because it is not meant to be known by idiots which clearly ruined this glitch (excited) I am not pointing my finger at you, but not everyone on here is sensible. Some are jealous and do not want others to have if they can not have it ;(


I agree with the contacting Nero to let them know about the glitch was "not cool" - but to post a deal on a glitch which they would likely resolve is, in my opinion, is fine as I was just encouraging others to maximise the benefit. I mean it's an extra stamp not a massive saving. If you really wanted you could use the other deal of creating a new account and get a new drink which is better than this extra stamp.


How the hell some people on here contacted Nero to let them know about the glitch is beyond my imagination. Who would want to give you so much for something free? Use common sense next time please Especially OP :(

£5 added to a gift card purchase of £25 at Caffè  nero
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
Spotted this Instore, in Caffè Nero. £5 extra added to a £25 gift card, nice for presents or great just for yourself for your daily coffee Obvs, Hukd people only visit tues and we… Read more

Valid untill the 9th. Thank you OP, used the offer with Amex 10% off.


16% discount on nero giftcards through my work. Whats the odds of buying this giftcard with giftcard topped up through my work?


Late November / early December.


how long does this offer normally last for ?


In one store, they didn't know about it. In another, there was a board clearly advertising it. I bought, checked the balance online and the bonus amount was there. Nero has this almost every November and I wait to combine it with Halifax / Amex cashback.

Two free Caffè Nero drinks
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Want two free LARGE hot drinks from Caffe Nero? It's a little bit complicated, but bear with us! (If you've already had the Caffe Nero app, you'll only be able to get one). Click … Read more

Can you use this on Xmas drinks?


I have O2 Nero codes I can give you the code if you can scan my card PM me Thanks


I claimed my first free drink in store, and as soon as I scanned it, my 2nd free drink disappeared from the app!!! Anyone else experienced this?


Why isn't this expired? It doesn't work.


We used our Telegraph freebie yesterday. Thanks OP. Means O2 today ;)

Free handmade drink just for downloading app  at caffe nero
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Recieve a free handmade drink just for downloading. Also apply WELCOMETONERO2018 for another free handmade drink
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How does a free coffee go cold?


I dunno, maybe ask the poster of the deal, as they answered my question whether you got 2 drinks ?


So then why didn't I receive a free drink just for downloading?


The hot uk poster says 2 drinks, see above on my same question.


Thanks Shannon. Personally I think Nero coffee is by far the best of all the chains.

Caffe Nero double stamps when you transfer your physical stamps to digital @ Caffe Nero (National)
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
I went to get my O2 drink yesterday and one store told me that the promotion just started a few days ago and will last for 6 weeks Basically, I was told that when you transfer you… Read more
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I have O2 Nero codes I can give you the code if you can scan my card PM me Thanks


I traded in 68 stamps but the barista press the wrong button. So I only got 68 stamps. Raised a support query within the app and they credited the additional 68 stamps. :) Thanks to the OP for this. None of the Nero's in Reading had the sign about double up. Yesterday whilst doing a tidy up I found another full card (fierce)


Yes. I counted them :D


Wow are you sure there are 48 ?


I took in 18 cards at about 6pm..... I had totally forgotten about the offer. My family gave me all theirs. 24 cards in all. Staff told me I had to make a purchase before they could start the problem. All transferred just before they closed and now my brand new Caffe Nero app is showing 48 drinks vouchers that expire in May 2020. Cheers OP!!

Double Stamps at Cafe Nero when using your own Cup - FREE drink after 5 purchased
LocalLocalFound 21st Sep 2018Found 21st Sep 2018
I don’t think it’s new but I’ve never noticed it before and I can’t see a previous post in the search so thought I’d share. I saw a VERY small sign in my local and it’s in the term… Read more
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Or go to Costa and get a free coffee for every £70 spent


If you use your own cup after 12 you get 3 stamps on the app until tomorrow, there will be a new offer on Monday


Just got an email from them "Afternoon Double Stamps: An extra stamp will be awarded when purchasing any handmade drink from 10/9/18 – 23/9/18. (12pm - 11:59pm Only)."


Thanks, OP. I did not know that! Buy 5, get one free! I like that!! (y)


They still have the cards though (flirt)

Free iced drink when you invite a friend to use caffe nero app
Found 16th Aug 2018Found 16th Aug 2018
Free iced drink when you invite a friend to use caffe nero app
Don't know if this is new or whatever I'm probably last to know. I didn't know about it and just seen on the app. Invite a friend via the app and when they buy something for the 1s… Read more
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(Caffe nero) Buy one get one free on iced drink - O2 priority
Found 10th Aug 2018Found 10th Aug 2018
(Caffe nero) Buy one get one free on iced drink - O2 priority

Anyone want to swap my 2-4-1 nero code for your hot nero drink code or wuntu costa code?


I got two frappes and first scanned the code to bogof and then used my app loyalty card so didn't pay anything for two frappes..just used my one loyalty card on the app..happy days


The Belgian choc tastes cheap and the strawberry one wasn't great either.


The salted caramel & pistachio frappe creme is good.


sssh updated (lol)

Enjoy a half priced drink vouchers in Caffe Nero after Midday, Nationwide when you buy a drink before midday
Found 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
Enjoy a half priced drink vouchers in Caffe Nero after Midday, Nationwide when you buy a drink before midday
They are nationwide and vouchers are at the tills in Caffe Nero Enjoy a half priced drink after midday vouchers at Caffe Nero
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I’ve checked and the deal needs to be explained better as unfortunately it’s not exactly as advertised. You have to buy a drink before 12 to get the voucher and then you can then use the voucher to get a half price drink after 12


None in my local


Yay,3 cheers for the thief


It would appear that way


Isn’t that fraud? :/

Double stamps @ Caffè Nero via the app
LocalLocalFound 6th Aug 2018Found 6th Aug 2018
Double stamps @ Caffè Nero via the app
Escape the heat with double stamps on all Barista-prepared drinks (hot or cold) when you pay via the app after 12pm until Sunday 12th August.

Spare O2 free drink code available to whoever will also scan my loyalty app, please PM.


Yeah please


Anyone want a code today in return for stamps?


Very handy when coincidentally some mobile service provider will offer free Nero coffee after 12 (cheeky)


True tho is stopped yesterday I think and then they have brought it back today again

Buy one get one free @ Caffè Nero via app
LocalLocalFound 23rd Jul 2018Found 23rd Jul 2018
Buy any drink before 11am on the Caffè Nero app, get a voucher for a free one to use another time

£11 for small, or £12 for the bigger cup. It is a bit pricey, but it's a good cup and (as well as the free drink for buying it) you get double loyalty stamps every time you buy a hot drink in Nero and use the Keepcup. So, the advantages do add up.


For info I bought two coffees this morning and paid using the app. Received two vouchers, one was the expected buy an iced drink and get one free, the other is a free iced latte or iced A... (something or other) both expire 7th August. Hope this helps someone?


Oh really, that would probably work then, i didn't know that :)


I know some Nero's which start the deal a bit earlier.. and allow you to scan the code a few hours later once you've finished shopping .. Kindest regards


Most likely not, as this deal is before 11am and o2 is normally available after 12

Double stamps all week @ Caffè Nero
LocalLocalFound 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
Hot or cold drinks after 12 noon, get an extra stamp when paying on the app

well i dont think they will have any issue enjoying a good time with your cup and their coffee. regarding their app they still have to physically stamp you twice if you use your own cup.


I cant use the Nero app as I have a windows phone and Caffe Nero are not set up for them. Simple question though about using your own cup.......Is this only for take away or can you still enjoy a good sit down in the store itself?




Past two weeks using app and I only get a single stamp, but previously it was giving double stamps. Have they stopped the promotion on the app?



Found 16th Jun 2018Found 16th Jun 2018
If you had not given a serious thought to install Caffe' Nero App, this could be your moment to give one. This weekend Caffe Nero is giving a free coffee voucher if you buy atlea… Read more

What do u mean majority of times? Like the staff was just nice and let u have it?


Frappes are milkshakes, there's no coffee in them. Iced lattes etc are made with coffee that's why they worked. I had about 10 of these vouchers and the majority worked with iced lattes after I was brave enough to give it a try and see if it worked. I was gonna try with a frappe but I thought there's no coffee in them so I couldn't argue my point that it's a cold coffee if the code didn't work. Now I know not to give that a try :)


It does not work for hot drinks Maybe you got lucky the first time


I tried to use it and it wouldn't work for the frappes... :( maybe iced latte is different or maybe the staff just pressed the hot drink button on their machine?


I think they work for cold drinks also. I had a hot drink voucher and it worked for an iced latte

BOGOF this weekend at Caffè Nero - Va App
Found 15th Jun 2018Found 15th Jun 2018
BOGOF this weekend at Caffè Nero - Va App
Buy any barista prepared drink via the app this weekend and we will send you a coffee voucher to share with a deserving dad.

Not really sure what you're saying mate but I find myself agreeing with you


Personally I prefer a machine to a person plus you done have to wait for the press up competition to finish before you get served, or let's for a laugh see how strong we can make the coffee before someone complains, but let's not go there.


Good one. Thank u


This is made by a batista not a vending machine


I prefer wathersoons. Buy 1 get unlimited refills. Although you can't share. Guess this is a good deal

FREE Hot Drink Of Any Size with Caffè Nero app
Found 3rd May 2018Found 3rd May 2018
FREE Hot Drink Of Any Size with Caffè Nero app
Promo code: WELCOMETONERO2018 Free Hot Drink at Caffè Nero Download the Caffè Nero app. Then make an account, Go to ‘settings’ and ‘add promo code’ and enter code WELCOMETONERO201… Read more

Code still works BTW. Just used it now.


Did you manage to get it too work please?


How do you do this please?


This is omnichannel viral marketing, very effective indeed, heavy voting and get-the-message-around daily for any free coffee.


Nor me!

Double points @ Caffe Nero on iced drinks!
LocalLocalFound 19th Apr 2018Found 19th Apr 2018
Double points @ Caffe Nero on iced drinks!
Go on cafe Nero app and get double points

In offers


How do you get this to come up?

Free coffee at Cafe Nero when with the new breakfast cibatta
LocalLocalFound 21st Feb 2018Found 21st Feb 2018
Free coffee at Cafe Nero when with the new breakfast cibatta
Enjoy free drink o2 Priority app ,when you buy Cabitta rolls at Cafe nero from 21/02/2018 untill 25/02/2018

Edinburgh airport branch pictured above, only commenting since I recognised it!


why did you scratch the knackered tables and how could you scratch a cappuccino?


Tried the edgware branch scratched knackered tables and a cuppachino I could have done better at home


Love cheesecake 🤣


Or give it to a homeless person... :P