Cake (cup cake) Decorations Pop out only 19p @ Home Bargains

Cake (cup cake) Decorations Pop out only 19p @ Home Bargains

Found 15th Dec 2014
Popped into Home Bargains tonight as my son needed some Christmas cake decorations for home economics

Found this pack called "Penguin Pop Top - decorations to Pop out & pop in your cake"

Would be great for top of Christmas cake, yule log or cupcakes.

It features Santa & Reindeers, Penguins, Christmas trees, Snowman, polar bear, Igloo, north pole sign & Merry Christmas sign.

Sure for 19p it'll brighten up his Christmas cake! Along with some little packs of sprinkles for only 50p
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Ahh cool, thanks :-) saves on the time and effort of making sugar paste decorations, quick simple and effective, lovely
Thank you
Asda have a few christmas baking things reduced to at the moment, if you're nearby or going in. made mention to em other day…ore
Thanks for posting.
cant beat home bargains at the moment for a lot of your cake decorating things :):)
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