Cake decorations instore at Asda from 25p!

Cake decorations instore at Asda from 25p!

Found 27th Jun 2014
Asda had big sale on cake bits. Loads of sprinkles and decorations down to 25p an various other cheap prices.
Disney cake bits from 25p
Worth a look.


I'm going check cause need some for party. Thanks for sharing!! Heat added

Store specific end of line clearance

Is this not storewide? was going to check our local store

I got these in linwood & ardrossan
Also got regal ice 454g 80p

Earlier in the week this was all 10p; in the little one in Rayleigh...icing as well....must be discontinued.

Had lots in Scunthorpe 'little' asda earlier in the week

wow, need these for daughters 42 birthday cakes next sat Hope they have in mine

10p in my local

I got 100 pirate cupcake cases for 50p at my asda doncaster & they're good quality

Was in Burgh Heath couple days ago - I took photos to post on here but forgot. Had peppa pig pancake mixes for 25p aswell and various cake mixes less than half price.

I bought some of these today in our Asda Walmart in Portsmouth
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