Call of Duty 4 for PC. £10 In Store at Sainsburys.
Call of Duty 4 for PC. £10 In Store at Sainsburys.

Call of Duty 4 for PC. £10 In Store at Sainsburys.

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On the 'Sale' aisle of my local Sainsburys (Whitley Bay), they have a range of electrical goods for sale. There is a section selling DVD's, CD's, PS3/360 Games etc.

They had about 8 copies of Call of Duty 4 for PC for £10. I was gutted! I recently purchased the game second hand for £13! Great game for £10 IMO.


Great price. They didn't have the Mac version, too, by any chance?

supermarkets/shops rarely have mac versions of games

Nice find, quality game

Fantastic game, i've already got it though. Last christmas, as a matter of fact
Waiting for the PS3 version to come down to ~£15

the sniper level in this game is IMMENSE!

Still better than Cod waw(just waiting for the comments on that)

nice find
heat added

great price, still don't think my PC can hsndle it

Can anyone confirm this in other areas?


the sniper level in this game is IMMENSE!

oh my word, what a level!! took me many attempts to get passed the last stand bit at the end. Hoping the ps3 price will drop shortly as using a mates copy atm

Meh... Digital distribution ftw!!

Just checked the saisburys in Partick (Glasgow), I couldnt really see any discounted games.

Bah, couldn't find it in Doncaster but they did have Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway for PC @ £10 instead.

Can anyone beat Play.com for the 360 version?

They have it listed at £24.99.

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Just for youor info guys, my Sainsburys Store has an Aisle (roughly the middle of the store) that has Flat Screens, DVDs, CDs, Games, Books, Electrical Goods etc all in a 'Sale'. The store also has a DVD, Games, CDs, Books Section by the Cigarette Kiosk, the COD game I saw on this deal was NOT by the Kiosk. You have to go right into the store. Hope others get these deals. Thank you for your heat and rep by the way. :thumbsup:

It's availale at play.com for £14.99 delivered and it's the GOY edition.

The standard version is £16 !
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