Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Combat "Spec Edtn" XBOX 360 - £39.98

Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Combat "Spec Edtn" XBOX 360 - £39.98

Found 29th Oct 2007
Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Combat "Special Edition" for £39.98 instead of £49.99 still preorder.
Cheapest i have seen at present

Pre orde release 9th November
- mrbeeks

Dont forget Quidco
- mrbeeks

sorry forgot No Quidco my bad.

Good news is same price as normal versiopn so still good deal
- mrbeeks


can you get quidco at amazon?

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sorry my bad amended completey forgot

i managed to pre-order a normal copy in september through game for £35 by using a voucher.

This seems to be a good price for the collectors edition though.

Can't wait to start playing!

Nowhere cheaper for this just now. Shopto have been asked to price match but have yet to reply.

Normal edition can be had from ebay for £26 (region free) if this helps anybody.

Amazon do Mutual points though.

i take it this has now finished. Back up to 45 pounds.…8-1

Dont expect it on release day, my brother pre-ordered the orange box months before release and got it a week after release from amazon.

Id rather pay another £5 and get it on release day at the shops.
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