Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare on XBOX 360 & PS3 (--£35.99 Delivered--)

Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare on XBOX 360 & PS3 (--£35.99 Delivered--)

Found 8th Nov 2007
Know it's cheaper from the Asian sites, but if you want it shortly and reasonably cheap then these may be worth ago. Never used them before though.


good price

PPD are good - although it's this price too from Game with the discount voucher

PP-02-DISCOUNT gives you 2% discount, and dont forget 4% quidco too.

Game of the year!

Excellent deal.


great price. also do great deals on PC (3 for £9 - colin mcrae 3, red alert 2, black & white etc).

Yay - mines just came

1 day earlier than release day from GAME

Mine's arrived from game to!



I'll wait for tomorrow. 10% studen discount at Virgin or HMV. That'll make it the same price. Voted hot anyway.


If its as good as the PC version then must be the best game out so far on the PS3 (my fave game on the PC of 2007, even beats pro evo 2008 and ET quake wars!).

I wouldnt order it from powerplaydirect if I were you. My experience is bad with them. I had ordered Forza 2 Ltd edition from them, my friend told me that he'd used them before and they werent very quick. I decided to stick with it anyway, pre-ordered about a month or two before release so I thought I'd get it in a reasonable time.

Coming up to launch I thought they'd despatch it, the day before...still nothing. On the The next day it still hadn't been 'dispatched' so I cancelled and bought it the good 'ol fashioned way, went to a high street GAME and got it for full price instead of £7 off.

---> Get it from Game with a voucher, they actually send it 1st class

Powerplay more like "pay and don't play". You might as well order from Play-asia with their speed of delivery.

I'd never order from PPD unless it's a lot cheaper than everywhere else and I don't mind waiting weeks for the game.

My order took 5 weeks before I decided to cancel it after they stated it was take 1-3 weeks to deliver it but even after 5 weeks, they still didn't have a clue when they would expect to receive stock for the game.

Poor customer service, very slow delivery times, so it's just completely pointless.

I'd advise getting it from Shopto for £36.99 for quick deliveries or if you do go through Quidco and you have a reward card, order it from Game for £39.99 and use the £3 voucher to make it £36.99 then use your reward card to receive 2.5% back in points and 11% Quidco, making it the best offer in town.

I'm surprised with all the negatives about Powerplay. I use them regularly and have never had a problem. S'pose I've just been lucky.:)

Excellent price for a brilliant game, mine came today from shopto, lives up to the hype, especially the online play

i ordered from game, phoned yesterday to check it had been dispatched, was hoping it would arrive early but it never

Great game let down on the harder levels of difficulty by cheap programming techniques like endless enemy spawns and houdini 'appear from nowhere' grenades. Fairly short single player campaign (as always nowadays) in lou of the multiplayer.
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