Call of duty 4 : modern warfare (xbox 360) - £30.16 @ Play-Asia

Call of duty 4 : modern warfare (xbox 360) - £30.16 @ Play-Asia

Found 22nd Dec 2007
just found this and will definately work for UK xbox360's as no region protection.
althou u have to pay postage its not much.



Only voted warm, although is a fairish price it has been available cheaper and personally don't like playasia (but that is my own opinion)

So, it is an ok deal for anyone who missed out on the gamestation deal @ 24.00

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hense why ive put this deal up cos u cant get it in gamestation for 24.99 anymore

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other than gamestation can someone tell me where they have found this cheaper? otherwise it should be voted fairly hot

There might be a custom duty to pay on top of this

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well last time i ordered 2 games from play-asia i just payed delivery costs,(about 4 quid i think)

There is always a risk of customs. Ive never used playasia nor do i intend to, i guess from the name there region 0? i dont like using stuff like that and id rather pay a few quid more to get it from here.
Voted warm.

Original Poster £34.99, guess thats 2nd best price risk free??

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actually. game £32.99 with £5 voucher off
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