call of duty 5 demo code xbox 360

call of duty 5 demo code xbox 360

Found 24th Oct 2008
hello everyone i dont no if this has been posted before so sorry if it has or in the wrong place. also i have't been on live in a wile so dont no if the demo is already there but i finally checked my email and i saw i email that looked quite good. a demo code of the new cod game.

i regiestered on the call of duty site a month or two ago. so not shore if they will do it for u now or not but all u havr to do is sign up and u will resive this i think, well no harm in trying init.

Attention VIP!

Because of your commitment to our community, you've been selected to participate in the Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360?Multiplayer Beta*! The below code will get you access to this beta before everyone else.

In order to participate in the Xbox 360 Demo:

1. Receive your Xbox Live® Marketplace Token (above) and write it down.
You will not be able to download the Beta without it
2. Log into Xbox Live with your gamer profile
3. Access Xbox Live Marketplace through the Xbox 360?Dashboard
4. Click Redeem Code
5. Enter your Xbox Live Marketplace Token when prompted
6. Start the download
7. Join the fight!

Download the instruction manual (432 kb PDF).

And remember, we want to hear from you! Please come back to and give us your feedback, what you like and what you'd change to make Call of Duty: World at War the best experience possible!

* The PC Beta is coming up next! Stay close to and check your email for details soon to come!



the codes are unique so only 1 person can use it

and if you want to use it i would remove it from the post lol

posted on misc and all gone

how much space will the demo use on my hdd?

Original Poster

i dont no i cant use mine but have given it to a mate i will ask him


i think the download was about 800mb? i cant remember exacty sorry

bit dumb really as code had to be redeemed by 19 oct ???

got mine as i was a member of charlie oscar delta :whistling:
not bad as freebie wouldnt spend out the cash on it new its not as polished as cod4
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