Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Digital Deluxe PS4 £66.58 @ PSN store.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Digital Deluxe PS4 £66.58 @ PSN store.

Found 4th Jul 2015
You can buy the call of duty black ops 3 Digital Deluxe edition for £79.99 normally.
The digital deluxe edition contains the main game and season pass aswell as extra bonuses.
For this to work you will need to have a PayPal account.

Step 1 - visit…p95 and login to your PayPal account and click save the offer.
Step 2- topup Your PSN account with a £50.00 top up. (you should be only charged £40 and receive £50.00)
Step 3- visit…ps3
Which costs £22.99 for £25.00 credit and if you like their Facebook Page you can get this for £21.84
Step 4- visit…ps3
Which costs £4.99 or £4.74 if you like their Facebook Page.
Step5- after purchasing the two offers from they will send you the codes to your email and you redeem them on your PSN account.

After doing all the above steps and if done correctly you will have £80 credit on your PSN account to pay for the digital deluxe edition but you have only paid £67.98 or £66.58 depending if you liked Facebook page.

Amazon uk at the time of writing this sells the normal standard version of the game itself for £44.00 and the season pass will likely cost between a £30.00 and £40.00. So most likely you will be saving at the very least £6 is doing it this way than buying individually from Amazon.

The prices may change so check before you buy. I think you can only use the PayPal promotion once so if you have used it once before you may not get the offer.

The PayPal promotion isn't only just valid for cod black ops 3 and can be used on most products on psn
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This is surely the cheapest way to get black ops 3 and season passes for my 2 lads who can gameshare , no ? Please let me know a viable alternative for less £'s before i go ahead an buy this Voted HOT !
I did that paypal offer, bank account said I spent £40 when I spent £50 so where the hell did the £10 go?? Not in my bank account or PayPal account anyway
I've never paid £44 for a vanilla cod and I've been buying then since mw2. Cheaper to just wait until a day or two before release and see what deals the supermarkets throw out there, it's always stiff competition for cod games and they are NEVER full price.

Then if u really want the season pass, use the PayPal offer and have credit left over, or use the cdkeys offer, these are long term offers not something u need to jump on right now.
whats the PayPal offer?
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