Call Of Duty: Black Ops only £36.85 PS3 @

Call Of Duty: Black Ops only £36.85 PS3 @

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Found 14th Feb 2011
Call Of Duty: Black Ops only £36.85 PS3 at

Couldn't find it any cheaper at the moment, it was £29.99 at Morrisons and £30 at Costco but those have either expired or you have to be a member.

This is the cheapest price anywhere at the moment. A cheaper one will probably come up soon, just thought i'd post this as theres no other.


I wouldn't waste your money on it. I traded it in a few weeks ago.

Constant connection problems. PS3 lock-ups.

Worst COD game they have ever made.
No other game I have owned has behaved as bad as this online

think i may get shot of mine ... not worth as much in store now though is it?

I got £36 insotre trade in at GAME if I wanted the cash in would have been £26
I was well surprised at that.
So I just brought Gran Turismo for £4 after taking the £36 trade in price

My mate sez it's a cracking game................. Is he fibbing?? oO

No he's not lying it's great. Connection problems are nothing like the moaners make out if you're network's set up right, there wouldn't be hundreds of thousands of people online all day everyday if it was.
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