Call of Duty : Black Ops  PS3/Xbox 360 - £38.17 @ Tesco *USE VOUCHER* (Pre-Order)

Call of Duty : Black Ops PS3/Xbox 360 - £38.17 @ Tesco *USE VOUCHER* (Pre-Order)

Found 20th May 2010
Call of Duty : Black Ops
PS3 & Xbox 360
£38.17 @ Tesco Entertainment (They charge on depsatch)

Don't forget Quidco and Clubcard points!


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Currently the cheapest pre-order around because everywhere else is £45.

Released November 9th, 2010.


Original Poster

sure its a decent deal for pre-order

but we all recall the prices of MW2 on opening day at Sainsbury, Morrisons, etc

Meh... it'll drop way below that within a week or two of release.

No reason to ever pay more than about £25 for a game these days, really.

what the hell is this! COD black ops??? and i thought i was up to date wit hthe COD games...

I bet this game would not be able to live up to the expectations.

Check out the teaser trailers on the Xbox 360 marketplace. I assume they are on the PS3 marketplace aswell.

Looks good and set in 'Nam apparently.

The releases for Modern Warfare 2 and for COD World at War before it were £25.00 in a number of places so I'm not sure about the pre order. Might wait til release day.

£40-£45 is standard prices tbh. I'd wait until release day and see if there is a good offer in Sainsburys etc. If not then it will be this price anyway
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