Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii) - £15 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment
Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii) - £15 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Wii) - £15 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

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Developer Treyarch takes the reins of the Call of Duty series, moving combat from the modern era to the heart of the Cold War.

Although the Call of Duty series has left War World II behind thanks to developer Infinity Ward, Black Ops is the first modern era title to be helmed by Treyarch, who last produced Call of Duty – World at War. Focusing on the deniable operations of the Cold War, players once again fill the shoes of multiple armed allies and elite Black Ops soldiers around the globe.

Thanks to the Modern Warfare titles, the Call of Duty series is now one of the most beloved multiplayer experiences of recent times, with Black Ops providing the same refined gunplay and addictive upgrade system that allows players to purchase new weaponry and keep matches competitive. The cult favourite zombie mode also makes an appearance, allowing players to tackle waves of the undead in a co-operatively.

Call of Duty – Black Ops can stand tall alongside the best of the Call of Duty franchise, providing an engrossing single player campaign packed with set pieces alongside typically in-depth multiplayer modes.


Hmm, sneaky as this was only £12 middle of last week. Still, it's a bloomin good price at £15.

Bought it in an instant, this one sold out pretty fast when it was around this price.

Contrary to common belief the Wii version of this game is actually really really well done. It depends only on personal preference if you prefer the 360/ps3 version over this, but they're all of equal quality.

Expired now £23.
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