Call of Duty Franchise Sale (Up to 67% off) - Steam

Call of Duty Franchise Sale (Up to 67% off) - Steam

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Terrible sale.
15 quid for a 6 years old game...

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Freezing, terrible sale, these prices should be the RRP for these games not the sale prices. Any other games would be going for pennies by now but stick the letters COD on it and it can hold it's price for years, much like most of Nintendo's output.

As to the games themselves, I have no problem with them at all. Yes they are all quite similar, but it's a winning formula, the games do what they do well enough so I guess they don't see the need to change, just think of it as the Fifa of FPS....

Those prices make no sense,

Buy COD 1 on its own for 9.99 (rip off) or COD1 warchest for 9.99 (COD, UO and COD 2 (£24.97 If bought individually) .

Or if you want to get the bundle with WaW, the WW2 bundle (24.11) its cheaper to get COD:warchest (9.99) and WaW (9.99) separately as you save £4.13.

Anyway no supplyscam drop discounts, cold oO

Edit; and most bundles have 50% to 67% off the games in them, but 33% to 50% off the bundle price?

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They`re having a laugh trying to sell BO2 at £40 still.

CDkeys has it for just under £6. Bought it for myself and my son yesterday.


​Most of the complaints I see, are about how the game has changed.


​Most of the complaints I see, are about how the game has changed.

I think the complaint being referred to is that year on year you notice the same assets being recycled with a minute amount of spruce happening. Eg in COD 4 there is a building that gets used twice in the single player mode, once it's in a multiplayer map, MW2 has the same building in a different texture once in the single player and as an asset outside of a multiplayer map but visible from the edge of the arena. Then similar in MW3.

Then we talk about the recycling of the game engine with very little in terms of improvement year on year. However, the change for change sake is an issue people do have with the games (jetpacks and so on).

As to the deal.... I'm of the opinion it's more of a 'what deal' situation, I picked up the following on deals here recently that activated with Steam, COD Ghosts £2.99, MW3 £2.99, MW2 £2.84. The first Modern warfare while a great game, is not worth £10, there are hardly any people playing these games on multiplayer so £10 for what is a rather short single player experience isn't exactly that good of a deal considering people who buy these games do so primarily for the MP aspect.
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Yeah, Activision is known at this point for their poor unfair pricing on old CoD games on Steam. Is there actually anywhere cheaper though? Shouldn't be cold if not.
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