Call of duty Ghosts xbox 360 £10 @ Tesco Direct

Call of duty Ghosts xbox 360 £10 @ Tesco Direct

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Last year's no1 game for £10 from tesco. online

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Campaign is not the best, but the online game is great. Yes, it is 12 months old now, but you will still be playing it this time next year!

I bought ghosts on release, hated it, left it for 12 months and have recently gone back to it and have been loving it.

nice find op, heat added

Worst campaign in a while, veteran is extremely easy also... Disappointing game all round imo

much better online than cod aw

Bought this a few weeks back through the Amazon hardened edition offer and online is fun. If you don't worry about your k/d ratio you'll enjoy it.

Last year's number one game? Erm..what?

Worst online of any CoD by far.

In the interest of balance, I really enjoyed the campaign.
Heat added op.

I prefer this to COD AW on 360 and Xbox One, on multiplayer - no jumping around with jetpacks which really gets tedious after a while.



I recommend this instead for the same price

thanks was about to order from tesco but this deals much better thanks heat added


In the interest of balance, I really enjoyed the campaign. Heat added op.


Wouldn't agree with No.1 game comment though!

This is probably the worst COD yet but for a tenner, it's worth a crack


Last year's no1 game

you kidding me mate?

A tenner ain't bad for a COD game, even if it is crap.

Cant get on with the multiplayer but cant get enough of extinction, worth it for that alone. Havent even touched the campaign yet.

Good Find

prestige edition is under 30 quid at zavvi, possibly elsewhere?

Tempted. Popped into CEX for a £10 copy, but they had put it back up to £12..

I may just wait for a £6 digital download.. Can;t be long now, it's already down to £10..

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When I said No1 game. I meant in sales figures.......
I think MW 2 was my favourite COD.

Ps4 version is £10 cex
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