Call Of Duty Ghosts - Xbox 360 and PS3 - £22.00 with code - Asda Direct - Free Delivery or Collect In-store

Call Of Duty Ghosts - Xbox 360 and PS3 - £22.00 with code - Asda Direct - Free Delivery or Collect In-store

Found 1st Dec 2013
£32.00 but reduced to £22 using code cod1.

Apologies if been posted before, had a search but couldnt see it anywhere.

Great Price, lowest I've seen
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Good price, hot I would say. Just ordered PS3 version. I can confirm £22 on checkout.
Couple of weeks of game play then list on EBay . hot from me
let it burn
If you want to order more than one you need to do separate transactions as only one £10 comes of if you order multiple copies in one transaction

to OP, I needed 2 copies so you have saved me a fortune!
thankyou, thats hot from me..
good find
does this one have any zombies levels?

does this one have any zombies levels?

No Aliens
thanks, not sure whether i want it though, as i might get a PS4, and i know i will be able to upgrade it, but im not sure whether i want to pay 32 quid for ghosts on PS4
Now this is a blinking hot deal nice find op
this is gonna get hot
thanks! ordered x
Rly nice find OP
Annoyingly I saw this earlier and thought the £32 included the £10 off already! Good job you spotted it OP!

**goes to hand in deal spotter badge**
Excellent deal!
Not buying myself, but a very hot deal.
Red hot going to have to buy it now. Glad I waited thanks op
cex £26 tradein or £20 cash - if you have a grainger or game in your town they usually beat this by a quid too.

terrible game, great price - should be able to complete it within a week and do some multiplayer then trade it in for something better with little to no loss (except time)
Awesome, been wanting to get back into the COD series.
wowsers thankyou
Very hot! £22 for cod and it's not even been out a month.
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Thanks op great price
thx ordered
Cold not GTA
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Cheers, returning unopened copy to Amazon for refund and ordering this for the sons Christmas present!
Also 2% TCB.
Thanks.. Ordered..
Does this have the upgrade code for PS4?
ordered mine:P
What a bargain. Cheers. Was going to buy earlier for £30 on Tesco Direct.
Feels like this is too good to be true.. Hmm.

Maybe Asda were meant to increase the price to £40+ and then have the code available..

Whatever happens it's a steal.
Hot - I'm sweating
this is gonna BURN! fab deal! was just about to pay £29 and was thinking that was a good price!
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Thanks, ordered my copy
how much to upgrade to ps4 version?
Thank you - one happy bf at xmas!
Great op just ordered confirmed £22 collecting tues after 5pm hot hot hot
Just bought fantastic bargin! Cheers have some heat.
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