Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 £4.99 @ Game (Instore) Brand New

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PS4 £4.99 @ Game (Instore) Brand New


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Bought it down to Asda's prices, now all i need is the Battlefront to come down to same level!

fLiPeR24 m ago

add £9.99 and get it with modern warfare …add £9.99 and get it with modern warfare remastered

I just bought the regular version. Is the remastered bit on for dlc cheap or something?

Worst game i have ever played

Is the control setup on this slightly weird? Seems to jump about when turning left/right compared to previous versions? Either I can't get the sensitivity setting the way I like it or they've really fked up the mechanics.

Do yourself a favour and just buy Black ops 3 instead as its better in every way.

Or better yet, go onto groupon, where they are offering £10 for a £5 spend on Tesco. Then with the £10 go buy cod legacy. So IW and remastered for £5 🏼

Purple sticker alert.

The staff scanned a 'new sealed' one at my local branch and the till showed it as £4.99, so a very good chance this is Nationwide.

Thanks OP

This is my favourite story campaign in years for COD.Although if it was not named COD I could not have told you it was a COD game. There are parts like when your ship launches that it reminds me of battle star galatica. The space flght combat is done really well they could make s standalone game based on that alone.
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