Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) only £19.99 @ The Game Collection
Price: £19.99
Delivery: Free UK Delivery
Condition: New & Unsealed (UK)
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Availability: 300+ In stock (At time of posting) Usually despatched in 24 hours
EAN/Barcode: 5030917077449

Excluded from Student Discount.

Cheapest I have seen the game for.


Condition: New & Unsealed (UK)

Contradiction, unless they are bundle/promo copies.

Even if it is the cheapest new, this is probably about the going rate now so not voting either way.

I traded this in at Game today for £24!

Adidas Addict

Contradiction, unless they are bundle/promo copies.

Just because something is unsealed doesnt mean its not new.

OK price I suppose, but you'd have to be an idiot to buy this game now.

Not a great price, it's usuqlly about 15 quid in blockbusters second hand, ask to see the disc beforehand and you'll have a relatively new copy anyway.

Hey guys this is a great price new.

Even better with the code below.

To get the game for £18.99 don’t forget to use the following promotional code: BIRTHDAY (valid today only)!


Many thanks for a great find, macseffect! We've featured this deal on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.
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