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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II - 5 Day Free Multiplayer Access (PS4 / PS5 / Xbox / PC) @ Activision

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For a limited time from December 15 through December 19, play Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II for FREE! The Free Access period features fan-favorite 6v6 modes and an all-new Third-Person mode on maps such as Shipment, Farm 18, and El Asilo!

Call your friends and family: the battle’s heating up in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II, and you’ll need every available Operator to secure victory.

Following the launch of Season 01 Reloaded on December 14, the Multiplayer Free Access period invites everyone to try a limited portion of the Multiplayer experience from December 15 through December 19 at 10 AM PT. Deploy to Farm 18, El Asilo, and the latest map courtesy of Season 01 Reloaded: Shipment. Compete in Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed, including the Third-Person variants of each.
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    For anyone just starting with MWII this weekend - the Loadout website is quite useful - mwloadout.com/

    There’s also some apps that help you to understand the gun progression, which is renewed and different to anything we’ve seen before

    Oh and here’s the latest patch notes too! (edited)
    Can you recommend any decent apps that help understand the weapon system please? Had a look but nothing obvious and my head is fried trying to understand which weapons to use first
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    I bought this game on release day and played it once or twice. They are so many better games out there.
    How is that possible? Did you not play the Beta? Have you ever played a COD game before? More money than sense?

    I think the game is the best in its class. Pick up and play shooter with tons of content.

    3rd person, 1st person. Endless game modes. MP, Warzone, DMZ, Campaign. Tons of guns, attachments, skins, unlockables.

    All before even touching the Store.
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    There doesn't appear to be an option to play it unless you pay for it?
    Think it might not be available until 5pm GMT (description says 10am PT)
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    If you liked mw2019 then you will like this even more, Im having a blast playing it despite what the haters say.

    Guess its still "cool" to hate on cod every year. (edited)
    I like this game, and with the content included I think it’s worth the asking.
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    Helped me unlock some Multiplayer only operators which I can use on Warzone 2.0/DMZ:

    • Gus: Get five assists in a single multiplayer match
    • Fender: Get two kills with a launcher in a single multiplayer match
    • Calisto: Get five headshot kills in a single multiplayer match
    • Horangi: Get five kingslayer kills in a single multiplayer match
    • Conor: Get five hipfire kills in a single multiplayer match
    • Aksel: Get 20 kills in a single multiplayer match
    • Stilleto: Get two revenge kills in a single multiplayer match

    How to Unlock all MW2 Operators - GGRecon (edited)
    anything else we can unlock for us free players?
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    Up until this game I have been a Battlefield guy. This is the first cod game I have bought purely for online and that is thanks to trying the first pre release beta multiplayer access. I bought the game day one and have been playing it everyday after work and on the weekends.
    I was the same always battlefield until i played cold war and once i played zombies that was it
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    For anyone wondering how to get it on PS - I found it here in the app.

  8. Avatar
    I was good at COD4, been crap since, maybe this is the game I get mad skillz
    Me, every year
  9. Avatar
    Will the game be on sale?
    Historically COD is almost never on sale unless there is a new one coming out.
  10. Avatar
    How long untill we get a sale lol. £60 is crazy for a game. (edited)
    Unfortunately that's not even classed as expensive anymore.
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    Do you have to own the game already to access the free-play weekend? Or, will there be a "free play" version of the game to download from the Xbox Store we can use to access the free-play weekend?
    I believe it’ll be a free-to-play version, which is how they’ve done it in the past. It’s essentially a free multiplayer license. Although it hasn’t allowed a pre-download in the past sadly.
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    Games wants a mobile phone number to link to the account before you can play. Is there a way around this?
    Use a random family members number to get spam sent to them instead.
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    It's simple, get your yearly fix, if you still crave the experience and gameplay other than the free warzone 2.0 and DMZ, buy it.. if not walk away and know you are making the right decision for yourself. But TBH it's a great experience, gaming with your mates when you've been working all day... You don't have to be in the top ten in the world, just enjoy the daily challenges, proximity chat, and take an Uber now and then.There are some bugs, I do agree, but all of them have bugs including battlefield… ☹ But at least this release does not have too many to make you rage quit that often…The only real disappointment is having enough MAPS.They seem to have reduced due to some legal issues I hear, so you seem to have fewer maps than on release day.But shipment and shoothouse Brill and fast-paced.We all have different expectations of the value, I feel it's quite good value for the amount of time I play the game.If you only play 5 hours a week, 52 weeks a year = 260 hours, it works out to .23p per week if you buy the game at £59.99no brainer for me...
    The game will last for 2 years, there won't be a new cod till 2024
    So 11.5p per week
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    How do you access this for PC? Is it via Steam? (edited)
    I believe you can download the Warzone 2.0 game, and then you install the multiplayer mode I think. I’m a PS user but have heard this from PC users for past gaming free-plays. let me know how you get on?
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    I'm playing on pc. Not the full version but good nonetheless. Unfortunately can't join my mate who is playing on an Xbox on the trial
    only way to play free MP is to join up with someone who OWNS the full game.
    I could not get it to work either on PC with my PS5 friend.
    Then i bought the game, and now we can play the free MP together.
    I bought it as it is on sale and i wanna play 247 shipment and grind camos solo.
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    Takes you a weekend to download it
    23gb is pretty reasonable, unless you have really internet
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    I’ll play it for shipment but I won’t be buying it
    Ahhhh good old shipment…

  18. Avatar
    I might pick up if they reduce it as I ain’t paying £69.99
    I'm not paying £50 for it. Will wait for a sale.
  19. Avatar
    Oh, queue the bot lobbies. Can't wait. How long will it take me to rage quit? lol
    Stop complaining, use opportunities and enjoy in life
  20. Avatar
    How is this free if you still need the game?
    It’ll be free to play (and download) during the time stated (from 1800 GMT). (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Anyone being hit with a insert disc error on PlayStation?
  22. Avatar
    Don't do it, the game isn't finished(at least u hope not) I pre ordered it and I wish I hadn't. In fact I'm pretty p*ssed about it. Full of glitches and only 7 'real' multiplayer maps at launch.
    I’ve reported a glitch to Activision where my classes keep overwriting themselves to base M4 rifles - really annoying when you spawn in and end up using an M4 with no attachments
  23. Avatar
    Downloaded and played for 2 mins, died 238 times and got 1 kill.... I'll give it a miss now... lol
    Maybe need to wait until the younger players (kids) have gone to bed. (edited)
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    I buy COD most years, I didn’t this year and I’m glad I didn’t, I’ve been playing DMZ on Warzone 2.0 constantly and best of all it’s Free. Much better than the normal repetitive COD multiplayer.

    I’ve got friends who payed out on for the full version of MW2 but they’re all playing DMZ too.
    Agree that DMZ is amazing craic! But I still love the tempo in multiplayer and the quicker game turnaround. Also if on as a solo, I struggle to get a decent fill with reliable teammates. At least with MP you can ignore that issue. I also like to warm up in MP so first engagement is less tense.

    Don’t like WZ2 vs WZ1 but will see if that changes over time
  25. Avatar
    Another year, another free multiplayer weekend to get my annual CoD fix.
    I couldn’t resist…

  26. Avatar
    Asking for disc, I force it to look for an update. It says there is one available but nothing in the downloads section
  27. Avatar
    One of the worst AAA title let downs this year. Pathetically bad, 5 steps back.
    Seems a bit harsh - what were you expecting?
  28. Avatar
    Shipment 24/7 not included in the trial? Deleted
    Buy the game then?
  29. Avatar
    Does this give you access to the raid?
    COD has raids??
  30. Avatar
    What if you don't pay for online access with your ps4 already? Can you still use this online as I haven't renewed my online sub for a long time?
  31. Avatar
    Tells me I have to insert the disc.. when it's a digital download To play the free multiplayer lol what.
  32. Avatar
    Asking to insert disc?
  33. Avatar
    I am being slow - how do I access this free version for PS5?
    Download Warzone, and access it through there, I think.
  34. Avatar
    Ha. Shambles. It's asking for a disc. Is this supposed to entice people to buy the game?
  35. Avatar
    Think they shot themselves in the foot, pun intended, with this if they really wanted more buyers, more likely to put them off.

    Personally think this game is one of the best, despite hating the gun progression and lack of enemy gunfire on the map initially, and have played MP daily since just after launch. Don't consider myself good but can hold my own in calmer lobbies. Tried the free moshpit thinking there'd be some easy XP up for grabs, holy cr*p, full of hard core psychos who had the same idea. Went back to normal play for an easier life. Unless it's the matchmaking doing this there's no way a newb is going to play for more than a couple of minutes before hoping next year will be better.

    Warzone and DMZ are not my kind of game, but if you like good, old fashioned MP like me then I don't think you'd be disappointed, even enjoy TDM on this one.
    My lobbies trying out the free moshpit last night were okay, mostly 15-20 kill games.

    The biggest let down, and what I think is a bad advertisment of the game, was the boring rotation of 3 maps (Farm is OK, and shipment is the usual chaotic fun, but I don't like the building in El Asilo) and limited game modes. I think I got domination twice and hardpoint once, the rest just TDM / killconfirmed.

    I got killconfirmed on El Asilo like 4 times in a row at one point. But I unlocked / fully leveled some things for free and enjoyed doing it, so cant really complain.
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    Only just under 6 hours installation time before I can play it
  37. Avatar
    will private / custom matches with friends only work? didn't on Vanguard during one of the free weekends me and my friends did, they didn't play after realising we couldn't do private matches.

    A bug I had with MW2 trying to play with 2 friends a few weeks back, we couldn't play a private match despite all 3 of us owning it. We kept on getting Dev error messages 401 or getting kicked from the lobby.
  38. Avatar
    Nice been waiting for this
  39. Avatar
    Never tried these multiplayer access before, can I play this with my daughter against other people with 1 PS4 only, online.
  40. Avatar
    I don't have this, but if I downloaded it for the multiplayer access (PS4) I'm assuming it's a massive download file? And If I do download it, that's all I need to do, and I can try the multiplayer experience for 5 days for free?
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