Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered + Infinite Warfare - Legacy Edition £10 delivered

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare Remastered + Infinite Warfare - Legacy Edition £10 delivered

£10£14.4631%Amazon France Deals
Found 4th May 2018
Price includes postage. Might interest some people.

  • Infinity Ward, the award-winning studio that helped create the

    blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, reaches new heights with Call of

    Duty: Infinite Warfare.

  • At its core, Infinite Warfare returns to the roots of the

    franchise where cinematic, immersive storytelling takes center stage as

    told through an unfolding large-scale war and epic battles that deliver

    an authentic Call of Duty experience.

  • Delivering a rich and engaging narrative in a setting unlike

    anything to date in a Call of Duty game, the campaign is a return to the

    franchise's gritty, military roots throughout new environments never

    before seen in the franchise.

  • The player will embark on a classic war story about grand scale

    warfare; all set in a grounded future where human conflict has spread

    throughout our solar system.

  • Amazon UK are not offering early access to the Campaign mode on Modern Warfare on PS4.

  • Note: The outer package doesn't indicate a format, There is no PC version associated with the product.
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Cod 4 playerbase dropped alot and by the time Black Ops 4 releases it will hardly be active
How is this hot when I posted the exact same deal a few days ago and got -88 coming from Tesco, the people who vote on here are a strange bunch
Not sure this is both games, looking on webpage with translator, it says only Modern Warfare, not Infinite Warfare?

Looking at the photos it appears to just be the download code for modern warfare in an otherwise empty box.
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