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Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Cross-Gen Bundle [Xbox One / Series X|S - Requires USA VPN] £39.24 with code via Picgame / Kinguin

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Use Code BIG14 for an xtra 14% off. Use VPN set to USA to redeem the code.

Works out at £39 .
Kinguin More details at Kinguin

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    Wow, looks a top deal thanks OP! Am I assuming the vault edition trick for £30 no longer works?
    No that deal has long expired unfortunately.
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    My opinion seems to be in the minority but...........such an awful campaign, I couldn't eve.n bring myself to finish it in early access. Only reason to buy this is MP for gun levelling
    Personally I just got it for traditional multiplayer I never play the campaigns anyway and can't stand Battle Royale.
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    Worth £40 for sure.
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    Price gone up to £41.83 now from another seller
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    These people have insisted I 'verify my identity'. Never been asked to do this by a gaming/software retail company before...
    Given I used a PayPal account linked to a UK bank, I have no idea why this is.
    This, obviously, hasn't prevented them from taking the money though.
    Shoddy service.
    Will get a refund and not use again. (edited)
    Worked fine for me. I had to share my PayPal email address that's it.
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    Does anyone else get stuck for ages at "searching for a match" ?
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    Is this as simple as going on to Microsoft/redeem with USA vpn set?
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    Having played this game for a few weeks without paying for it... Nah... This game ain't it, chief.

    They have ruined traditional MP. EOMM through the roof, Spawn system is atrocious, time-release perk system, footsteps that sound like horses galloping, UI that's been inspired by Hulu... It's a genuine joke of a game and I've quit this pile of poo after getting 19 weapons gold.

    I've jumped ship to Brokenfield 2069, and that I have found to be more fun than Call of Duty: Modern Torture 2.
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    It's asking for a billing address... Guessing a UK one will void the deal? Any help please
    I used my UK address no problems
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    I'm trying to buy it but it's saying "Please verify quantity issues to proceed" and it won't let me buy it.
    It says the item is not available in this quantity (I have a quantity of 1) in the basket/checkout.
    (With tiny warnings about it not being available in this country, and replacing it with suitable options, etc.)

    Any ideas?
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    Says you can use it in the UK
    Use a vpn mate
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    Just went to order and it’s oos 
    Try now. It's slightly more expensive but not much.
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    Is this just for Xbox or can it be used for the PC version too?
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    This doesn’t appear to be working anymore
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    Out of stock now, def a bargain under £40
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    Yup expired now, is CDKeys the next best at £49.99?
    Still going to be here as with discount it’s around £44