Call of Duty MW3 - £35.95ish...  + Free Delivery -  Zavvi... (XBOX - PS3) - With Code

Call of Duty MW3 - £35.95ish... + Free Delivery - Zavvi... (XBOX - PS3) - With Code

Found 28th Nov 2011
Searching for MW3 for my mother in law (yep, that's right) and struggling to find anything less than £40 (oh the shame).

The game is £39.95 which falls 5p short of the required amount (£40) for the £4 off discount VCUK40...

So search the DVD, Games, Blueray, Book section for an item to make the shortfall (use the menu on the left to search for item under £2). The cheapest item I found was £1.09 but I decided upon a DVD Xmas quiz for £1.95 as it will be used...

The receipt will show £4 off but spread over the two items.

Don't forget the 3% Quidco cashback too.

Okay not Earth shattering and my first post - but every penny counts hey? :))
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I think you can get cheaper as i have saw listed cheaper before.
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Where was that? Searched high and low...

Oh and I refer to the Xbox and PS3 versions, not the PC version.
Cheapest at the moment I think!
cheapest I've seen so far. Gazah4 maybe it was the tesco one where it was £25 when you bought 2100 points. But that deals over I think.
There will be better deals for it as we lead up to Christmas. I certainly wouldnt touch this game at that price!
Wait for something similar to Amazons £18 deal lol - Long shot. But still better then wasting £40!

With that said, she'd probs enjoy BF3 more, and you'd save yourself a further tenner
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I thought that too but my brother in law whose best friend works for Konami suggested I couldn't find it less than £40 this side of Xmas (I'm known to annoyingly drag out my bargain hunting - not for financial but pride reasons haha).

Not sure if he knows that for sure but It makes some sense seeing as no online retailer is dropping it's price at the moment. I asked him to get it for free off his mate but alas, he couldn't (the bar steward)...

BF3? Haha - it's for her other son in law - he's uncharacteristically into these sort of games, I love watching him play for 5 hours on the trot and watching his eyes glaze over and his face go pale. :)))
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Cold because it was £18 last week.

Where? I looked on here for the last two weeks.

Sheesh, tough audience... oO
tbh this is a avergae price for the game, i can't say i've seen it cheaper online atm, it was £18 in black friday, if you managed to click in 2 seconds!
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Can I just ask (being new to this) those that rate this cold... can you provide a counter offer that is better please? I'll gladly donate the difference to a charity of your choice.
@Harry - I wouldn't worry about people voting cold on a MW deal, most people are crybabies when it comes to this game so they will vote it cold no matter what the price is. Especially ignore striker, hes a troll, most people hate him, and he's the biggest baby on this site, all he does is talk **** on CoD and FIFA threads.
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Aha ;), cheers Jim.
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