Posted 24 December 2022

Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 & PS5 - £5 @ Tesco (Rutherglen)

In store: Glasgow · Tesco Deals
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Call of Duty Vanguard PS4 & PS5 - £5 @ Tesco (Rutherglen)

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    Not a good game + bad graphics. Doubt you would find any at tesco so save your time and fuel (edited)
    It’s an ok game,entertaining enough campaign. Nowhere near the best CODs though. Graphics definitely aren’t bad though lol actually very good and one of the areas reviews praised it for.
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    Description isn't clear, do I have to pay £5 or they give me £5 to take it from them?
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    I asked for these last week and they had none in stock (allegedly and/or incompetently). In this very store. (edited)
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    Just paid £15 for this, campaign is great so far... Incredible graphics on series x
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    Fun game cracking price
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    £5 if you can find it. The app says some are in stock and when you go to the store they don't have it.
    They're in the backroom with some colleague names on them ready to buy at the end of their shift
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    I’m my top three worst CODs ever but five quid is five quid
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    Worth it for the campaign.
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    Not a bad price. Although it's probably the worst cod in quite time
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    I'm an.. ahem...older gamer and have played every COD variety since waaaay back but I've never known one release to be as Marmite as Vanguard.

    FWIW, I enjoyed it very much but then I'm enjoying the MW2 grind now so maybe there's just a type of COD that you get into.

    World at war was a bit awkward.
    Infinite warfare was a bit muck too.

    I lost all contact after that.

    Did try the MWII free weekend and quite enjoyed a few games. Did OK too considering I'm as casual a gamer as you're likely to find these days.
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    Just finished the campaign, yeah nothing new but enjoyable nonsense with some good set pieces. Looks great too. Can't comment on MP but well worth a fiver or 12 quid from CEX.
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    Got it same price on xbox one. Shame though don't stock the series x crossplay bundle one. Activision are greedy gits. Should be smart delivery free upgrade (edited)
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    Anyone noticed this in any other store?

    Worth me making a trip or was this a one store only type deal
    The price is nationwide. Issue is finding stock in stores.

    You can check using the Tesco App for stock but it's not accurate
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    Anyone found any of these in the West Yorkshire Area before I go on a hunt?
    You could try giving them a call if the Tesco App shows there is stock available
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