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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Combat Pack (Phantom) - Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers @ Playstation Store

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Just released today. A free combat pack for ps+ subscribers for war zone 2.0
Playstation Store More details at Playstation Store

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    Hope this becomes available for PC and XBox too..
    It's a Sony exclusive, just like they did previously with earlier Call of Duty games.
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    Got to say I'm really enjoying this new version of Warzone and I hardly played the original. Just what I consider an important heads up to PS5 players. I spent a good 10 hours playing the PS5 version and at around 70gb I was a bit concerned about storage space down the road so I decided to download the PS4 version onto my external HDD and see how much worse it was in comparison, and I have to say unless you work for Digital Foundry, it's practically exactly the same. Switching back and forth between them there was no noticeable difference except for haptic feedback. Graphically practically the same and loading times were equal due to it being an online multiplayer. So if you're wanting to save some valuable SSD space, give the PS4 version a go. It's also slightly smaller on storage size too.
    That’s weird because the graphics on my ps5 look miles better than what’s on my brothers ps4. The ps4 version looks like a downgrade. Or maybe the ps4 can’t even handle the ps4 version well.
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    Buy station campers are ruining Warzone 2.0
    Easy. Use the bomb drone, normal drone or UAV. There is always solution for everything in this game. Well apart of numerous bugs the game has
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    I can't wait until this gold camo grind is over think I'm about 50% done
    but why?
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    It's just a skin, no exclusive modes in this years COD
    This actually includes SMG and Pistol blueprints and calling card. But no extra modes
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    If you’ve bought PS Plus via the Turkey way (or any other store for example) can you still use this, even though I play Warzone on my main profile? 
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    If I've got PS+ but play on PC can I get this?
    I just checked - you can only use the operator skin while playing on PS. I logged in on Xbox and it put me back as the default operator. I'm guessing it'll be the same for the gun skins.
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    How do I find this guys?
    Follow the link and sign in. Or use the app and search Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, it should show up.
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