Call of Duty: World At War For Xbox 360 - £14.85 @ Zavvi

Call of Duty: World At War For Xbox 360 - £14.85 @ Zavvi

Found 27th Mar 2011
War Like You've Never Experienced Before .

Confront new and ruthless enemies across the Pacific and European Battlefields in the final days of WWII.
Jump into enhanced infantry and vehicle-based multiplayer action with persistent stats, upgradable weapons, and
more perks that ever before.
Harness the power of the online four-player co-op campaign mode.

''This is the most visceral Call Of Duty ever!''-XBox 360 The Official Magazine.
''Game Of The Year''-FHM.

Experience all new 4-player co-op and more of the addictive Call Of Duty multiplayer action.

Also 3.5% Quidco


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I dont get why its cold, maybe quite expensive for a old game, but its brand new and awesome. Please give me a link so i can buy it cheaper then!

Would be interested to see some cheaper deals also.

best COD ever. Just easy to kill snipers and campers.

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Some of the people on here are complete faggots, how is this cold? just click cold and dont even comment. Useless people. Show me it cheaper and ill say its cold myself.
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Oh yh, cheers ash.connor. Would prefer to get it from zavvi though with 3.5% quidco.

Thanks for the post op. As no one could post a cheaper deal , I have gone with yours.

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Cheers gavjbrown gotta love the zombie maps co-op :P

Got mine today. Can anyone tell me why it says classic on it and does that mean there's the classic version and non classic.

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Yh i think classic is when its a good popular game which is normally cheaper? non classic comes out first without the classic onit, but they will be the same i think.
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