Call Of Duty World At War - PC - *Collectors Edition* - £34.98 - GAME

Call Of Duty World At War - PC - *Collectors Edition* - £34.98 - GAME

Found 29th Dec 2009
Hey, first time posting here but I just bought the collectors edition of COD:WAW from GAME for £34.98

It comes with a metal drinking canteen and double exp online for a week + some unlockable weapon in a big metal tin.

The normal version of the game is £34.99 in HMV so this is a bargain!


Good Game, good price (got my launch edition for £27)
But... not as good as COD4, i think ill be going back to COD4

ps. my xbox360 gamertag is the same as my HDUK tag if anyone fancies a game (you'll beat me.. im rubbish)


why cold ?

wheres it cheaper

bought this on sat, dont buy imo, better off saving yoursefl nearly a tenner and getting just the game from cd wow, as the drinks canteen is not worth having in my eyes, and the only thing the tin is good for is to hold all my other cod games, as for the game itself, its a muct really, got to own it, cod 4 is better, but the world war 2 theme won me over on this one just like good old cod 2 :thumbsup:

not voted this deal by the way, as it has previously been posted :whistling:


why cold ?wheres it cheaper

I posted the 360 version which is cheap at £40 (the same price as the normal version) and that went to -50

pretty good deal as i paid nearly £60 on pre order for this, Sadly you've missed the weeks double experience but you'll still get the high level guns to start with. Canteen is pointless but if you like game collectibles then it's pretty cool.
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