Call of Duty: World At War (PS3) (Pre-owned) - £7.99 @ Game

Call of Duty: World At War (PS3) (Pre-owned) - £7.99 @ Game

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great price great game probably better than black ops


Seems a good price but i disagree that it's better than black ops
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I enjoyed this game, I just did not feel immersed in Black ops campaign mode! For me call of duty 4 MW was the best campaign mode out of the COD games ive played.

Cheers this has been on my buy when the price is rock bottom list!

I wouldnt say it was any better or any worse. Black Ops problem was it was no improvement on this game. Felt very much the same to me.

I duno if I should get this - I never play on COD MW2 hmmm

Worth getting just for Zombies!

good price. Ordered. Got the whole collection now.

I like the Treyarch versions of COD world over the Infinity Ward history.


Worth getting just for Zombies!

The zombie videos on youtube for the PS3 zombie mode look awesome! Thanks! Bought!

just ordered one...funnily enough my kid was looking at this game and wanted it...just in thanks op..

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I already own this and if ur buying it for zombies map pack 3 which contains der riese is the best of them all well worth it

Ordered, thanks

Ordered - Thanks

A good game back in the day, not worth £8 though, probably £5 max if pre-owned.

I've seen this for £5 pre owned several times here recently, in fact I bought one myself.

Its a decent game with good single player but I don't really get on with the multiplayer as its just full of people running around with MP40 and Juggernaut.
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