Call of Duty: World at War (PS3/XBox360) £9.98 delivered @ Game

Call of Duty: World at War (PS3/XBox360) £9.98 delivered @ Game

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Powered by Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare technology, Call of Duty: World at War brings an uncensored edge to combat, as soldiers face the most harrowing and climatic European and Pacific battles in which an enemy, who knows no surrender and no retreat, will fight to the last breath, unleashing an arsenal of lethal surprising tactics. Peril and danger lurk throughout the battlefield as players combat the unknown risk of the new chaos of battle.

From the remains of Russia and the ruins of Berlin, to the beach and jungles of the deadly Pacific Theater, the volatile action takes on added depth as players employ new features that previously were only available in multiplayer, including perks, rankings and online stats in up to full four-player co-operative gameplay. New infantry and vehicle-based weapons, like the potent flamethrower, bring the battlefield ablaze.

* Final Battles: Call of Duty: World at War forces players to survive the final climactic days of a world at war to thwart the advance of Axis powers on multiple fronts from Europe to the Pacific - delivering the hallmark Call of Duty cinematic intensity on a worldwide scale. Play as a U.S. Marine or Russian conscript across a variety of European and Pacific infantry, vehicle and airborne missions.
* Co-Op Campaign Mode: "No One Fights Alone" takes on new meaning as players can complete the entire single-player campaign with up to four players online or two players via split-screen (both online and offline). Strategising with others provides gameplay diversity, replayability and engagement.
* Addictive Multiplayer: Call of Duty: World at War continues the addictive and leading class-based multiplayer action. The addition of vehicles to the highly-successful Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer that already includes persistent experience, player rankings, upgradeable weapons, squad-based gameplay, map

ey Features

* Dual campaigns: Fight in two very different World War II battles. Take on the Japanese Imperial army in the Pacific, and liberate Berlin as part of the Soviet Red Army.
* Grim realities: Experience the most bloody and realistic combat ever seen in the series, as you witness enemy atrocities and wield horrific new weapons such as the flamethrower.
* Job with benefits: Revamped competitive multiplayer mode features useable vehicles and an expanded perks system from Call of Duty 4.
* Brothers in arms: For the first time, a Call of Duty game features a four-player co-operative mode thats playable online or via a split screen option on the same console.
* Modern graphics: The game uses an enhanced version of the Call of Duty 4 graphics engine, with wood that splinters realistically when shot and fires that spread organically.


not seeing that price via your link?

£22.99 new
£12.99 2nd hand

edit - price now showing correct

Super hot!!!!!

I can see, £9.98 for brand new and £12.99 for Pre-owned on PS3. Work that one out. Very tempted to get this. I owned it on the wii and loved before I got my PS3 with MW2. Would anyone recommend this or is MW2 that much better?

get this mate, the online is better in my opinion,and the nazi zombie mode is great fun with a group of 4 of you.
well worth a tenner

After just watching band of brothers (blu ray i bought after seeing the deal on here) and then playing mw2 (veteran pack, also forced to buy because of this site, lol) and fp saying the single player and zombie mode in this are excellent I cant help myself I will have to spend more £££, want a world war 2 fix, so ordered this!

I really am going to have to have a holiday from hukd, must stop buying more and more games.....must start saving!


welcome to the official 'call of duty website' lol

Best COD game ever made IMHO

Worth £10.

**** hot! I bought a preowned for £13 from there a week ago! H+R

ordered and heated. thanks.

Brilliant game, i've gone back to this after playing mw2 and find it much better balanced. The maps are much better too with more variety than mw2 ,I do have all the map packs though which will set you back 2000ms points if you want them, highly recomend them though, worth it for the nazi zombies alone which is a game in its own right, possibly the best 4 player game ever.

Ordered Thanks!


Nearly purchased for £20 the other day, glad i held out.


Gone for 1.
Heat & repped.

Thought id try one on the ps3.

Haven't played this since MW2 came out, but I've been very tempted lately. I miss Nazi Zombies - absolutely fantastic fun!

Heat and rep added - anyone who hasn't tried it should definitely add it to their collection at this price.

Edit: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to andywedge again." D'oh!

Thanks, ordered


Price matched @ Gamestation as … Price matched @ Gamestation as well:

Same company!

ordered..great price


i totally abhor this game, really didn't have much fun with it at all. :whistling:

although credit where it's due it is the cheapest around, so ave a bit o' heat. :-D


Edit: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to … Edit: "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to andywedge again." D'oh!

Same here.

**** HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epic Game and IIRC Treyarch are still doing an offer on all the Map packs which includes Zombieeezzzzz lol

Ordered, thanks op I've wanted this one for a while

10/05/2010 Your order has been dispatched.

Thanks OP.

Got mine today, thankfully it is brand new and sealed:thumbsup:


Got mine today, thankfully it is brand new and sealed:thumbsup:

Same here:thumbsup:


Same here:thumbsup:

3rd that :thumbsup:

received mine today from gamestation online (same company now)

no official m$ silver seal, no celophane wrapper, but a purple "game 28 day return type seal".
Doesnt look "new-new" as box looks a little scratched.. which would be fine for a good pre-owned game but unsure whether to open it as might take into gamestation store for a proper "sealed" new one. everything else "new" wise i have had from gamestation has been fine though
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