Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood PS3 ONLY 360 OOS £4.99 R+C @ Comet

Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood PS3 ONLY 360 OOS £4.99 R+C @ Comet

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as above


nice find hot op thanks

Showing as £4.99 now!! Great deal.

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thought id give this a bump seeing as its £4.99 now!!!

thanks - reserved one near me

heated & repped:thumbsup:

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thanks - reserved one near me

same CEX give £7 trade in aswell :thumbsup:

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or they buy for £4 if u dont like it and i even think gamestation price match and add a £1 on top

Good price and actually in stock near me too!

This smells hot.

Is this FPS ?


COMET do these £4.99 games every year end up buying most of them. This game is prob the best game ive seen for £4.99.

just ordered one, great find, cheers

Excellent price for a decent;y reviewed game...

Reserved one at Edinburgh Kinnaird.

for £5 cant go wrong, multiplayers not that bad either

Ooh! Actually in-stock!


Has anybody posted that Hawx is £4.99? Is that anygood?

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Has anybody posted that Hawx is £4.99? Is that anygood?

posted on new deal page :thumbsup:

Heres a little gameplay footage and one of the funniest vids on the net :…LcY

heat added, reserved a copy as can't go wrong for a fiver

Reserved. Thanks.

Nice find, heard good things about this game. Cheers for the heads up.:thumbsup:

H&R added.

excellent, got my copy reserved.

Thanks OP - copy reserved

Nothing in exeter, shame heat though

Picked up my supposedly reserved copy (had the email etc)- albeit it was not behind the counter, but amongst the games on the shelves....sales rep said they don't always bother as some people don't bother to collect them !
Wonder what the explanation would have been if they had all gone when I went to collect

just got mine from Castle Meadow, Nottingham, they said they had loads but they had all been reserved...

now do i get ps3 or 360 version?

I've just reserved one at Castle Meadow in Notts and it said in stock.

Guess i'll find out when i go tmw and they're sold out!

Just gor this at the East Kilbride Branch, the staff were unaware of the price drops. I expect they will buy up the stock now

Good Deal. CEX will Give £7.00 exchange for PS3 and £6.00 for Xbox. Heat added:thumbsup:

reserved mine this morning and collected 20 minutes ago, excellent service and properly reserved at Salford White City, thx guys

Now need some time to play all the games I have lol

nice deal:thumbsup:

Just for the heads up. Snipe Retail Park in Ashton Under Lyne had about 10 copies left about 2hrs ago.
Picked up the last Tom Clancys Hawk though

H & R added Cheers OP

collected mine - thanks OP

Thanks OP, picking mine up on way home tonight.

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picked mine up this afternoon along with hawx

I dont know whether to be sad or glad there isn't stock near me.
Video review looked decent, would have snapped this up if it was available online for this price.


thx heat added loved the first game.

Reserved mine for PS3, as the X360 version was out of stock.. Has anyone managed to reserve a copy for Xbox and would like to swap?

just collected this, played for an hour, seems like a good game got quite into it!
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